Sex While Traveling- 60% of Backpackers & Student Travelers Have Sex While Traveling (Part 1)

Sex While Traveling- 60% of Backpackers & Student Travelers Have Sex While Traveling (Part 1)

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You read that right, chief. If that doesn’t want to make you start packing your bag, I don’t know what will =)!

How did we arrive to that number?

A running poll on revealed some interesting and thought-provoking results about our adventurous and fearless TravelPUNK backpackers and student travelers. However, because statistics mean nothing without a little bit of helpful explanation, we’ll do our best to break it down and shed some light.

The Poll Question was: Have You Had Sex While Backpacking?

Here are the results thus far-


We received over 250 votes from our users and found that an overwhelming majority (59%) voted affirmative, “Schwing! Who’s yerrrr daddy!” to having engaged in international (sexual) intercourse during their backpacking trip, leaving the rest (40%) no doubt slightly disappointed and wondering what might have been. Carry on “Dry Season”…=(

Interestingly, if we look at the breakdown of the negative responses, 12% responded with a no vote. Whether some of the responses may have been to keep the partners and kids happy, and the marriages or relationships intact, we’ll never know, but I am sure even Bill Clinton couldn’t keep a completely straight face when he said that he did not “have a sexual relationship” with THAT woman. For all we know, the yes vote could have been much higher, but I guess that’s another truth we’ll never get to the bottom of.

The strangest response must be the people who responded with “Kinda” (at a significant 5.8%). A most curious response, not really a yes or a no, a real fence sitter, and it leaves all sorts of unanswered questions. Hmm…. Perhaps alcohol had something to do with this. Should we chalk it up to “I was drunk, paseed out, and can’t remember” or some maybe they’re implying some oral action? We’ll never know folks.

And you gotta feel for those who said “Almost”, and console them for at least putting their hand up and giving it a shot. Sooooo close, but no cigar. One fry short of a Happy Meal. Hey, but at least you got in the game! “Triumph” is just “Try” with a little bit of “umph” in it! So better luck next time!

To the 17% or so who said “I Wish”, there are probably only two things that can be said about this. Firstly, you’ve got to be in it to win it. Get in da game (like the “Almost” peeps). Period. If that was or is a goal for you on your trip, get out of your shell and make yourself open and available. People read into behavior and your body language, facial expressions, tone in your voice, and overall demeanor will either attract that special someone or deflect them. So keep all that in mind when you start packing your backpack again.
Don’t rule yourself out at the starting line. Many people do this, but don’t let it happen to you if you’re heading out on your first trip. Stay positive and stay focused.

So what should one’s reaction be to the results of a poll like this? Well, if you are surprised, then you are probably among the 40% who didn’t vote “Yes”. In that case, you should know that most people will probably make only one such journey in their life, because of financial, work, family or any one of a number of reasons. If you aren’t surprised, then perhaps you might be a little bit disappointed to see that you are after all, just one of the majorities. But don’t be, because everyone’s story is unique, and these are the experiences that sometimes change our life, challenge our beliefs, and make us the people that we are.

Look at it this way. Imagine standing in a group of 10 friends including yourself. You all strap on your backpacks and head out to Europe. When your trip is all said and done, 6 of you will be knock’n boots, 2 of you will be get’n a lil sump’n sump’n, and 3 of you either couldn’t hit water if you fell of a boat or simply abstained.

Choose the group you want to be in.

But whatever you do, make sure you engage in safe practices, because there are some “souvenirs” you definitely don’t want to bring back from your trip!

Sex While Backpacking Part 2

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