May 24, 2024

Sex While Traveling (Part 2)

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As you can see from the poll we took (Sex While Backpacking Part 1 from the members or our backpacking forum, backpackers are a curious bunch of people and TravelPUNKS especially are not just your stereotypical traveler or tourist.

We come from all different places in the world, we are made up of people from different age groups, backgrounds, beliefs, and interests.

Judging from our Spartan-ish poll, there appears to be no gender differences when it comes to backpacking, and it is great to see that females are just as keen as their male counterparts when it comes to tappin’ into their wild side on their travels.

Backpackers get biz-nizzy.

Generally speaking, around 70% of the backpackers prefer to leave everything behind, opting to take nothing more than a fully loaded backpack and their instincts to guide them. With only around 10% of backpackers travel with their significant others, and the rest would prefer traveling with a buddy/family member/or relative to share their journey, it is little wonder why so many backpackers find themselves “get’n down in funkytown.”

To us, it’s a life with no strings attached, and all the delights and temptations of the big wide world out there, anything and everything goes for the existential TravelPUNK backpacker.

Add to the fact that just over half of all backpackers are 15-24 years of age, mostly students that have probably just finished high school or university, this is the age where the spirit of freedom and adventure takes precedence in life and “emotions over logic” is riding “shotgun.” Know what I’m talking about? You know those times when you are just totally in the moment and nothing else matters? That’s what I’m talk’n ’bout.

The 25-34 year bracket makes up another 30-40% of backpackers. These travelers are most likely in their early and mid stages of their careers, and have realized that there will be little chance for them to ”exit stage left” due to work, family and the gi-normous bills that seemed to accumulate out of nowhere and start to weigh them down.

You could say that these backpackers are enjoying the “Golden Age” of their life. It’s their turn on the “karaoke stage” of life. Hahahaa…A time to explore not only what they are truly made of, but also for discovering what’s on the other side of those musty coffee stained 1970’s beige-ish cubicle walls.

It’s time to start expanding the walls your comfort zone, folks. You MUST step out of your existential zone and make some changes. Take more risks. Live a little more.

“A man who risks nothing, gains nothing.”

If you want to see BIG changes in your life, you must take BIG action.

There are 2 things that are certain in life- death and taxes. Aside from that, life is what you make out of it.

Knowing that, IT IS your obligation to add some spice in your life…As far as TravelPUNK is concerned, that means to strap on a backpack and head overseas.

In addition to seeing and experiencing all of the benefits and rewards that come with traveling in and of itself, remember the minute you land your chances of joining the “60% club” just skyrocketed =)


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