April 19, 2024

Buy Cheap Eurail Passes

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How and Why You Should Buy a Eurail Pass

Imagine watching the Avengers movie, at the movie theater, with the volume on low. No THX surround sound. No Digital Dolby. Just old school theater speaker behind the movie screen… on low volume.That’s kind of like backpacking Europe without a Eurail Pass. You won’t get the full effect and experience. No “WOW” effect.

Since this website was created in 2002, TravelPUNK.com has HIGHLY recommended and urges ALL backpackers traveling to Europe to seriously consider buying a Eurail pass.

The Eurail is just an incredible way to EXPERIENCE Europe. This is exactly the preferred method on how Europeans travel. No three hour queues like in airports and way more spacious and scenic than buses and cars.

We have strongly recommended that you buy a Eurail Pass because of personal first-hand experience as well as first hand experiences from members of our kiss-ass community.

It is an integral part of your “Backpacking Europe Experience.”

Look at how up close and personal you can get with the lay of the land and how crazy of a good time you can have on the Eurail train like these backpackers in the video.

Looks like they got their own room, not a sleeper car, but their own compartment where they can sleep on the seats and not have to worry about strangers entering.

Their backpacks are ABOVE their chairs on the luggage racks. Highly recommended as opposed to storing your backpacks on the racks by the main entrance/exit doors (can’t easily be stolen by thieves while you’re sleeping).

You can even hear the girl filming this video saying “I love the train. I love it…”

How fun does that look? I love it! That’s the way your backpacking trip should be. Can’t do that on a plane or a bus.

Get the FULL backpacking Europe experience and considering jumping on (and off!) the Eurail.

You’ll be happy you did it!


1st Class of a EuroStar train in Italy (with Service! Not all offer this)

TGV Paris Eurail Train (see the guy’s Eurail Pass on the table!)

Eurail train CityNightLine deluxe sleeper car (if you got the budget, travel at night and get a sleeper car! Well worth it!)

BEAUTIFUL VIEWS on a Swiss train from Spitz to Interlaken, Switzerland


Seriously, a backpacking Europe trip is not complete unless you’ve traveled on the Eurail. This is how the Europeans travel, even though sometimes it’s cheaper to travel by air, traveling by train is so much easier, more spacious, and more relaxing with a better view.