June 19, 2024

Hostel Beds in Europe Are Getting Scarce…

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Word from a couple of TravelPUNK backpackers, currently traveling through Europe, is that hostel beds are extemely low (see thread on our message boards Severe scarcity of beds in England right now!).

If fact, one of our TravelPUNKS is currently traveling in London and couldn’t extend his stay at the hostel he was staying at because it was all booked up in advanced.

Same goes for another TPUNK currently traveling in Spain.

Backpackers have smartened up, folks. Booking online has given backpackers and student travelers world wide, peace of mind.

You can still roll into town going from hostel to hostel in search of a vacancy, but that is not fun. Been there, done that.
And whether or not you eventually find a vacancy is not the point. It is a colossal waste of time to burn up all that time that could be spent enjoying the city.

Relaxing and having peace of mind when you get there is what it is all about.


Don’t get left squeezed out before your journey even starts. Book in advance!

Here’s the quick links in popular European countries.

Cheap England Hostels
Cheap London Hostels
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Cheap Paris France Hostels
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Cheap Dublin Ireland Hostels
Cheap Italy Hostels
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Booking online using our safe and secure hostel search engine will save you time and money, AND, you still have a chance to have your parents or family/friends to help you out before you leave.

Because coordinating that otherwise while you are traveling overseas will not be pretty.

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