June 19, 2024
how to have sex in hostels

How to Meet People and Have Fun in Hostels

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What do you like about backpacking? Is it eating new foods? Seeing world famous landmarks that you’ve only seen in magazines, movies, tv, and the internet?


Most backpackers say that what they enjoyed most about traveling abroad is the people they meet and new friends they make, and if you think about it, the fun times with other people you met on your travels is why those memories are so vivid and unforgettable.

What is backpacking?

Backpacking, at its core, is a total social activity that combines a constant surreal environment, a promising adventure, and people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Once you put that backpack on, got your cheap Eurail pass, and head out to the wild blue yonder, there’s no heading back. It can be a very addictive and expensive hobby.

The one small problem that comes from this experience is getting a little lonely. Well, it’s not really a problem because when you’re backpacking, you’re not really ever lonely.

There’s too much to do, to much to see, too many people hovering all around you that you can meet. All this allows you no time to think about being lonely. Here’s some backpacking advice and tips when traveling to Europe.

how to have sex in hostelsHaving said that, if you’re backpacking Europe (or anywhere around the world) and have been out for a while, you may have met a lot of people, but you may not have had time for romance. so here are a few tips they can help you meet those hot girls you come across while on your travels.

Meet the locals and other travelers while traveling

Learn a little of the local language when traveling abroad. We did a study of our members and the general visitors of this site and found that 60% of backpackers have fun relations while traveling.

So, while knowing a local language is great, it’s not the deciding factor when meeting someone to shag while you’re traveling.

Pick up just a little of the language. All you need are a few phrases in the local language (anything like please, thank you, hello, can I buy you a drink will do.) these phrases will help you communicate, not with just locals, but with the girls/guys that you come across.

And in the event that your new-found language skills don’t work all that well with the locals, you are sure to impress other backpacker girls.

All you have to do is say, “Hello, I love your eyes in the foreign language, and you will have broken the ice.

If you’re traveling on your gap year, keep in mind that you are not alone. Many people travel on their gap years and spotting them is easy.

Just go up to them and ask them if they’re traveling on their gap year and if they are, then you already have something in common.

If they aren’t, then you still broke the ice and started talking with them. Mission “Break the Ice” is accomplished.

Download Friendly Backpacking Apps

Like dating sites and apps like Tinder, Party with a Local, Travel Buddies, Backpackr can help you meet girls.

These are apps that can help you connect with other like-minded out-going people. You can chat, make friends and hook up in any travel destination with this plethora of online assistance.

how to meet other travels and have a romp in hostels

Be yourself and be full of positive energy. No one likes a negative person so being full of positive energy while in another country is an absolute MUST if you want to get lucky. Don’t be shy! Fortune favors the bold.

Keep in mind, you did more than what most people will ever do in their lifetime, you had the courage to strap on a backpack and got out of the house to go traveling abroad. That makes doing something as simple as meeting people a piece of cake.

Also bear in mind that other travelers are friendly, and they are looking for conversation and company as well.

Girls are much more receptive to talking to guys when they are traveling by sheer fact that it took an adventurous mind to travel abroad.

So wherever you are, whether it’s in a hostel, bar, cafe or club, just start talking to the nearest girl or guy, especially if they seem outgoing.

They will be delighted to hear someone speak to them in their native language.

If you want to increase your chances of getting lucky, you might want to consider solo travel. Click the link and you’ll see how backpack Europe alone can lead to so many awesome encounters that you otherwise might not if you have a travel buddy.

A few good traveler conversation starters

Ask them if they are you traveling alone. Every solo traveler wants to meet other people, no matter what race, color, or religion.

Just be open and friendly with a positive attitude and let the rest happen naturally.

Where are you from? Is such a basic and natural conversation starter and is probably the number one reason most travelers ended up getting some action on the road!

Everyone loves to talk about where they’re from so asking this basic question could be the start of a nice wholesome conversation….and lead to you getting your freak on.

Ask for directions, especially if you’re lost, but even if you are not. Sometimes, acting like you’re lost is a good conversation opener when trying to talk to locals or other travelers. It’s an easy ice breaker that can lead to a fun time as long as you can follow through.

Talk about Other Things

You don’t want to hog up the conversation and focus on all of your travels. It is obvious that you share I love of travel, but the stories will run out or get boring eventually.

You don’t want to be THAT backpacker, the one who’s always annoying everyone else. So be sure you diversify your conversation.

Don’t be stinky and use your voice

Research says that smell and voice play a part in attracting a lover. So, to summarize, smell good. You may be traveling, but that’s no excuse to be smelly. Keep yourself clean… bottom line.

Your voice also plays a big part in attracting someone. So, work on your voice. Go here for more info on how your smell and voice plays a part in attracting others.

How to have fun (wink, wink) while traveling

Now that you’ve scored and you’re both feeling it, it’s time to get down and dirty. So, how do you do that when both of you are in a hostel.

Well, if you’re in a shared dorm then you need to be a ninja. Be stealthy in your approach.

To speak plainly, just be as quiet as you can because there will be others sleeping and you don’t want to be that “rude traveler.”

Also, you can wait for when the hostel isn’t as busy as most travelers will be out and about at night, having dinner and exploring the nightlife.

Other great places to have a rendezvous in hostels are:

The laundry room late at night –People will use the hostels laundry room in the daytime but late at night there won’t be anyone there so this can be the perfect place to get down.

The showers — This can also be a great place to hook up just don’t shag in the showers in the morning because it will be busy as everyone gets up and prepares for their day.

Many hostels have shower rooms with locks, so in this case, this can be a great place to get busy.

The Roof — Some hostels have roof access which can be romantic and empty late at night or early in the morning. Just make sure there are no alarms on the doors.

Also, the shared hostel rooms tend to empty out by the afternoon as people head out to explore the city, so this might be a great time to do the nasty.

Some good articles on having relations while traveling- click here and here

Final thought how to meet other backpackers

You are traveling abroad and are exploring a new country so now more than ever, you must go out, be brave and talk to as many people as you can.

If you want to hookup, you must take action and integrate with both locals of foreign countries and other travelers as well.

And truth be told, you don’t need any pickup lines. Just say “Hi” and genuinely be interested in the person you’re having your conversation with. The good times will come as long as you’re brave enough to take the first step.

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