June 19, 2024

They Met On Our Message Boards. Now They’re Married!

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I’m going to say this again and again and again until it’s ingrained into your minds- traveling is LIFE ALTERING.

Not only the actual traveling part of it, but the juices that start flowing inside of you as you MENTALLY commit to it and start preparing and researching it.

A new window of positivity and probability opens up and life just won’t be the same after that.

So goes the story of Misschick and Slacker. Two marquee members of the TravelPUNK community who both live in the North America. He from the US and she from Canada.

They didn’t even know each other before they registered for free on our world class backpacker and student travelmessage boards.

Here’s a brief summary of how travel was the key suspect in the case of two backpacker lovebirds who met and got married and it all started becasue they were both preparing for their life-altering trips.

Slacker posts his itinerary on our message boards looking to get feedback from our proactive and helpful community of travelers.

Misschick reads his post and realizes that at some point of her travels, they’ll hit the same country at the same time. She replys to his post and suggests that they should meetup since their paths will cross. They spend a couple of days chatting online, then thanks to free long distance phone calls, they exchange numbers and transfer their chatting energy to countless hours on the phone, sometimes til 4am!

Love is in the air.

He jokingly suggests for her to meet up with him….in Egypt. To his surprise, she agrees!

BAMM! The spiff is on like Donkey Kong!

Fast Forward, less than 2 years later, Slacker and Misschick walked down the aisle hand in hand and ride off into the sunset happily ever after.


This is their actual wedding kiss. Is that the making of a Hollywood film or what?

The simple and free act of preparing for their backpacking trips led two people to finding the “love of their lives” on TravelPUNK.com

Did you hear that people?! They hadn’t even hit the road yet and their lives were changed! Forgettaboutit!

This just goes to show you how traveling, every aspect of it, can in some way change your life in such a positive way.

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