September 24, 2023

What Food Do You Miss While Backpacking?

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When you’re traveling overseas and you’ve been chowin’ down on foreign foods for some time, you’re bound to start getting the munchies for some familiar foods from your homeland.

For, me, believe it or not, it was Top Ramen. Living in Madrid for over a year, I started craving for some ramen noodles. El Corte Ingles, the Spanish mega store, had a similar version that I ended up buying for almost $2.00 each! I was like, whoa!


In the USA, it’s pretty common to find Top Ramen at the bargain basement price of 12 for $1.00, so you can imagine my surprise at paying $2.00 a piece!  

We have a thread brewing in our forums called “What Food Do You Miss?”

Sound interesting responses from around the world.

What foods do you miss on while traveling?

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