February 29, 2024

How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (2 of 5)

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TravelPUNK.com’s exclusive series- “How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (2 of 5)


2. Specificity

Be specific. The reason most people fail at achieving their goals is because they are not specific enough.

This is a surefire method to keep yourself floating in dreamland forever.

Saying, “I want to backpack Europe” is not specific enough and will cause you to be indecisive.

Specifity is a key ingredient to execution of your travel goals. The more specific you get, the more colorful of a picture you’ll paint for yourself which will help you to take action steps to achieve your goals.

Practice being more specific with all of your goals, travel related or not, and you will naturally begin to accomplish more.

Here are some examples of common generic goals versus specific goals.


Generic “I want to backpack Europe next year” (This is a weak statement that will keep you in la la land. Keep saying this and you might as well keep dreaming)

Specific– “Next year I WILL travel to London to see Big Ben and spend an afternoon hanging out at Picadilly Square. Then, I WILL take the train or fly into Paris where I WILL ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk the river Sienne, and sit on the steps of Monmarte, then head to Pamplona and Run with the Bulls.”

Powerful languaging and specific details like this will empower you to take action steps to achieve your goals.

Generic– “Someday I will travel to Italy.” (Keep dreaming, buddy…)

Specific– “This time next year, I WILL be sitting on a gondola in Venice, then I WILL head into Rome where I WILL finally get to see the famous Colesseum, toss a coin in Trevi fountain, and watch the Pope conduct Sunday mass to the public at the Vatican”

Being specific will actually start to paint a picture of your trip, as you can see. Using command statements like these by saying “I WILL do this or do that,” you will make positive mental deposits in your subconscious bank account.

“You are what you think about most,” that is because your thoughts are continually logged into your subconscious mind and your actions become the end result of what it is you think about most.

That is why is so important to not just set goals, but set very specific goals.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is reality and what is not, so if you’re going to feed it anything, be specific and go to town by setting high goals.

Once you’ve set your specific goals, repeat them to yourself constantly, over and over, you will begin to make decisions that will allow you to realize your goals, like:

  • Not going out as much so you can start seriously saving
  • Making lunches and eating at home instead of eating out all of the time
  • Picking up a part time job and dedicating every dollar from that job to your upcoming trip.
  • Elimination. Selling things you don’t use or need anymore can quickly jumpstart your travel fund.
  • Telling everyone about your plans. This is a great way to get in motion because the more you talk about it, the more you will keep yourself motivated and the more your friends and family will definitely hold you accountable.
  • Cutting down on your shopping or entertainment.
  • Cutting down on your daily Starbucks Frappucino can save you $5 a day. That’s $150 a month. $1,800 a year, enough to buy your round trip ticket to Europe and a Eurail Pass.
  • Stop talking about it and do it. Get in the game!

    Remember: Specifity = Success.

    Practice it and you will be well on your way to realizing your travel goals!

    Has this article been helpful to you? What are your thoughts on being specific?

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