July 22, 2024

Travelzoo: Win 20 Trips! FREE Travel Trips Giveaway

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For 13 weeks, Travelzoo will be giving away one amazing travel deal weekly from
the Top 20 list. Plus, one lucky player will win the entire Top 20, which means 20 of the best trips could be yours!

Click here to sign up for FREE!

You can’t win if you don’t even GET IN THE GAME!

Who is Travelzoo?

Travelzoo is one of the biggest and most trusted online publishers of travel deals.

They are also publicly traded (NASDAQ: TZOO), so they have the money to create alliances with the biggest travel giants in the business and are able to offer first hand exclusive deals and special alerts.

The Travelzoo team researches, evaluates and tests thousands of deals to find those with true value. They recommend only deals whose accuracy and availability they can confirm. With over 12 million subscribers, they are the largest publisher of travel deals on the Internet.

Why should you sign up?

There is an old saying that goes- “You are what you think about most.” That is to say that whatever you keep thinking about, you do or you start to do.

If you keep thinking about being in shape and eating healthy, you will do and eat things that help you keep this mindset.

If you keep thinking about saving money and reading books and articles on how to save money, you will cut corners and think twice about spending money so that you can save more money.

The same goes for traveling. If you constantly stay in the loop with the best travel deals online, you will keep your travel goals fresh in your mind and naturally do things (like save money, plan, and research for you next trip).

Travelzoo’s Top 20 is a great motivator in helping you reach your travel goals by keeping travel fresh in your mind.

Signing up for Travelzoo’s Top 20 list is FREE and EASY. Just click the link below and enter your email address (Don’t forget to click the verification link sent to your email). That’s it!

Get their current Top 20 list right now and automatically be entered into their FREE giveaway!

Remember, they are giving away an amzaing travel deal from their TOP 20 list each week, and one lucky winner will win ALL 20 on their TOP 20 list!

Will it be you? Sign up for FREE and it just might be! Think positive!

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