February 29, 2024

Ready, Fire! Then Aim Later…

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We’ve grown up with the good old saying, “Ready. Aim. Fire!” Well, something that I learned years ago that has played a big part in my life and how I approach things is to tweak this good old saying just a little bit.

Rather than “Ready. Aim. Fire,” Learn to “Ready. FIRE…then Aim later.” This is the methodology that I live by and it has always worked for me.

Guy Kawasaki, a key player in the success of Apple Macintosh says, “No one ever made a fortune planning for gold.” Referring to the old days when miners and 49er’s moved out west to strike a fortune panning for gold.

Thus, the same philosophy is true with backpacking or traveling in general. No amount of preparation and education is going to teach you what reality will.

There is never a perfect time to travel. There’s just time. You’re ready and you’ve been ready. No more excuses.


Walk the walk that you’ve been talking. It’s time to pull the trigger and just buy the gosh darn ticket!

I know so many people that plan, plan, plan, and talk, talk, talk, but never do, do, do. What’s the point in all that planning if you don’t take action?

Once you actually buy your ticket to wherever it is you want to travel to, you have just risen the stakes tremendously in your life.

That feeling will set in. You know that feeling in your gut that comes hand in hand with some sort of life altering commitment that you just made. It’s a good feeling so trust in yourself that you made the right decision.



Now that you’ve bought your ticket, you can start to focus in on your target.

The researching and planning phase will follow with a more relaxed mindset. This part is fun and you won’t be able to stop thinking and talking about your upcoming trip.

This part will be different for everyone and when you finally hit the road, things will just naturally fall into place and you’ll find your rhythm.

Be open, let yourself flow, and the rest will be easy as apple pie…

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