July 22, 2024

Forum Topics: Money Matters- 5 Weeks in Europe

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Originally posted by: faxman75

Greetings all! Me and my roommate have booked out tickets to Dublin on June 24th. Very excited. We are flying from Phoenix, AZ and plan on doing about 5 week flying back to Chicago on July 30th. So far I only purchased a one way ticket to Dublin. I found a $700 fair flying to chicago then from Chicago to Phoenix about a week later. I may snatch that up though not a great deal by any means. My question is, how much do you think we should budget for the trip minus the airfare I just mentioned? It looks like we plan on doing Dublin, Amsterdam, Prague, Italy and Spain then of course fly back out of Dublin. I’m getting really REALLY nervous as I don’t think i’ll have much more than 2 thousand dollars for all of this. Can this be done on 2K? What are the cheapest and most convenient ways to travel between countries? Where can we save the most?

Tips and budget estimates would be greatly appreciated.


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