April 15, 2021

Hostels in Amsterdam Worth Booking Ahead

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Amsterdam is, no doubt, one of the top destinations for backpackers heading out to Europe. But if you are traveling this spring or summer, one thing that you MUST do is book ahead.

Here are some top hostels and hotels worth booking ahead.

The Flying Pig DOWNTOWN and The Flying Pig UPTOWN are TOP hostels world wide, so don’t even try walking up on the fly hoping to have freedom to pick and choose your beds and available nights at these places.

The Bulldog Hostelis a five star hostel and has had great reviews from travelers.

Quentin Hotel has a great view of the canal and is next to all the major day and night attractions.

Bob’s Youth Hostel Although they save a certain amount of beds available for walk-ins, this popular hostel will have droves of backpackers heading over to it during the main travel season, so better to book online and be safe.

With all of these hostels, you may find sporadic nights here and there or even a big waiting line in front of you when you get there, but most likely you’ll be tired and exhausted of walking with your 35 lb backpack at that point or won’t have the patience to wait around to see if an availability pop up.
Be smart, book ahead, and be worry-free when you get there. This will allow you to utilize your time better when you get there and you can use all that precious time exploring this great city.

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