April 16, 2021

12 Great Travel Deals This Week

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Check out these nice travel deals to Europe!

$337* London – RT from New York City  …. Cheap Tickets

$811* Paris – RT from Los Angeles non-stop!  …. Cheap Tickets

$850* Amsterdam – RT from Dallas  …. Cheap Tickets

10 Day Crown of Spain fr $1999  …. Gate1 Travel

10 Day Dalmatian Coast fr $2549  …. Gate1 Travel

10 Day Greek Islander on Sale fr $1599  …. Gate1 Travel

1000 Dutch Delights – Discover Holland beyond Amsterdam  …. Holland Amsterdam

9 Day London, Paris and Amsterdam by Rail fr $1459  …. Gate1 Travel

Barcelona – Paris – Rome by Air – 6 Nights from $1,159*  …. EuropeanDestinations.com

Journey through Tuscany and Umbria – 8 Nights from $1,235*  …. EuropeanDestinations.com

Lisbon – Madrid – Barcelona – 8 Nights from $1,009*  …. EuropeanDestinations.com

Munich – Salzburg – Vienna – 6 Nights from $1,085*  …. EuropeanDestinations.com

One thought on “12 Great Travel Deals This Week

  1. If you guys are looking to do something different I highly recommend Costa Rica. For those on a budget but want to experience the luxuries of nature, Maquengue is a true paradise on earth.

    You can enjoy a nice horseback ride through the jungle and garden areas.

    Or you can take the mile and a half hike down the beautiful gorge to an incredible waterfall. The pool at the base of the waterfall is so clear you can see the bottom at 16′ with no haze.

    The experience is breathtaking.

    Frank Moessa

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