Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Absinthe’s Mind-Altering Mystery Solved

Absinthe. The famous old green elixir, made famous by European socialites in the 1800’s, still piques the curiosity of travelers embarking on their trips to Europe each and every year. A recent report out on Absinthe that inquiring minds would like to know… Charles Q. ChoiSpecial to An analysis of century-old bottles of absinthe […]

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Cheap Germany Hostels

ALL Germany Cities Aachen Albbruck-Unteralpfen Alsfeld Augsburg Bad Essen Bad Grund Bad Honnef Bad Kreuznach Bad Krozingen Bad Saulgau Bad Tolz Baden-Baden Bamberg Bautzen Bayerisch Eisenstein Bayrischzell Berchtesgaden Bergisch Gladbach Berlin Bibarac Bochum Bonn Bottrop Bremen Bullay Cologne Dinkelsbuhl Dortmund Dreilinden Dresden Duisburg Dusseldorf Eisenach Erfurt Erlangen Essen Esslingen Ettlingen Euskirchen Flensburg Frankfurt Frankfurt Hahn […]

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Hostels Are All Booked Up in Paris!

And yet another report of hostels being booked up in Paris by one of our community members. Here’s the link- Can’t find any hostels in Paris! I recently wrote an article about the scarcity of hostels in Europe. With the popularity of online booking, hostels are getting filled up faster than ever. Must I emphasize […]

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