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Month: February 2008

They Met On Our Message Boards. Now They’re Married!

I’m going to say this again and again and again until it’s ingrained into your minds- traveling is LIFE ALTERING. Not only the actual traveling part of it, but the juices that start flowing inside of you as you MENTALLY commit to it and start preparing and researching it. A new window of positivity and […]

Absinthe: 10 Well Known (and not so well know) FACTS

Most backpackers and student travelers will here about Absinthe Wormwood at some point of their trip planning stage or while on the road traveling through Europe, so it’s worth giving a re-cap on this topic. Absinthe Wormwood, one of the most mysterious and enigmatic character of the European backpacker scene. Many people know this fascinating […]

What MOST people Don’t Know About Backpacking

So this question was recently asked on our forums to help educate the people that have never gone backpacking. The responses we got were great and they came from “seasoned” travelers, so rest assured that this insight is top of the line. Rather than give them to you in my words, I will share some […]

Meet The Locals

This is the best way to get a handle on any country. Get to know the locals. It’s such a great experience to be invited to their homes for dinners, birthday parties, events, local hangouts, etc… and to be able to go to the places they go, do the things they do, and eat the […]

Easy On The Bling…

This may be a no brainer, but please leave the bling at home. Whether it’s the Rolex your dad gave you, the diamond earrings, the phat engagement ring, the gold necklace, the money clip…anything shiny will draw attention and bling in the sun should be left at home. Walking around with more jewelry than Mr […]

Cheap Australia Hostels

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Cheap London Hostels

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Cheap Paris France Hostels

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