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Yoga, turtles and Aztec Pyramids: a spiritual guide to Mexico

Mexico – saying its name is synonymous with thrilling adventures, wild nightclubs and over indulging. While Mexico seems to attract attention for its undoubtedly intense party scene, a new type of travel is emerging here as well; one that preaches self-love, spirituality and connectedness. Filled with untouched, pristine locations, Mexico really offers the opportunity to reflect and learn, not only about this beautiful country but a bit about yourself too. Delve deeper into the roots of this spectacular country and yourself, with this spiritual guide to Mexico for your next holiday. Trust me, there’s a whole lot more than margaritas and nachos waiting to be experienced in this incredible country.


Surrounded by white sands and decadent jungle, Tulum has quietly but surely risen to become a haven for spirituality. The town embodies what it feels like to be present in the moment and really lets you stop to take a second and just breathe. Yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices are in abundance throughout the town, offering a chance to relax and practice gratitude. The versatility of being able meditate either to the blissful sounds of the ocean on a secluded beach or to the echoing of wildlife in the jungle is what draws so many visitors back to this captivating spot. Or perhaps you’ll find yourself emerging in traditions and holistic healing practices that the town has to offer.

spiritual guide to Mexico - TULUM - jungle

If mediation isn’t your thing, perhaps the town’s modern spin on traditional health food may spike your appetite. The Tulum locals most definitely believe that nourishing the body through nutrient rich foods plays an imperative role to keeping the mind, body and spirit healthy, happy and fuelled. The town has copious vegan and vegetarian restaurants as well as traditional street foods, catering for anyone who may visit. And if you’re a fan of fresh coconut, you’re in luck, with practically every street corner serving up this delicious refreshment.

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Chichen Itza & Aztec Pyramids

Deemed as one of the top wonders of the world, I can assure you that Chichen Itza and the Aztec Pyramids (near the city of Valladolid on the Yucatán Peninsula) are indeed very wonderful. Being present in such a mystical and historical place, is a feeling you can’t quite surpass. There’s something pretty magical about visiting a location that has so much ancestry, significance and connection to the people of the country. The temple of Kulkulkan at Chichen Itza particularly has a profound connection to spirituality with archaeologists believing that the doors and windows are aligned to astronomical events. They’ve even suggested that the monument has a connection to the heavens itself?! So, don’t miss the chance to put your wildest dreams and wishes out to the universe.

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spiritual guide to Mexico - Chichen Itza - aztec pyramids

Chichen Itza isn’t the only place you catch a view of these spectacular monuments. You can also see the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon at Teotihuacán (near Mexico City) with just as much mystery and magic surrounding your visit. It’s easy to lose yourself in these locations, as there’s nothing quite like sharing paths with the very people who shaped spiritual traditions for centuries to come. Experiencing the Aztec ruins really is a spiritual experience that makes you believe anything in this world is achievable.

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Isla Murjures

If there was ever a moment to connect with yourself, it’s while enjoying a world-class private beach. Am I right? Isla Murjures must be one of Mexico’s best kept secrets, just a 30min cruise from the party city of Cancun across the Caribbean to reveal this pristine island. Think the most crystal blue waters, a horizon of private yachts, mojitos at your call and beckoning and warm, burning red sunsets. If you’ve ever wished to live out your diva dream of living it up on a private island, then this is the place to do it. The entire island is only accessible by golf-cart, giving you the freedom to explore, find hidden spots and pace the day to your liking. Zipping around the island really makes you feel like you’ve got the place all to yourself.

spiritual guide to Mexico- Isla Murjures - Swimming in sea

When you’ve had enough of bathing in the Caribbean Sea and soaking in the sun there’s plenty more waiting for you to experience. The island offers trips to free swim with whale sharks, a true moment that connects you to nature and makes you appreciate beauty in this world. If you’re not quite up to sharing the water with these gentle giants, then there’s a turtle sanctuary on the island where you can visit rehabilitating turtles which is total a feel-good moment. Finish your day off with a beach front massage and take in the incredible glowing sunset. We can guarantee that you’ll never be ready to leave.

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Scrolling through your Instagram feed you’ve surely witnessed a magnitude of total wanderlust images of cenotes. With a magical and dreamy vibe, these natural phenomena are exactly that: phenomenal.  Under a limestone bedrock lies a pool of crystal water, hugged by green and lush foliage. If this place isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. What’s particularly beautiful about these locations is the spiritual energy they possess. Cenotes are particularly associated with the Yucatan Peninsula, and historically speaking were often used by the ancient Maya people for sacrificial offerings. It is this energy and power that never quite leaves, and really leaves you feeling connected to the soul of Mexico.

With any sacred site comes a responsibility from those who visit. Visitors must shower before entering the cenotes out of tradition and to preserve the purity of the fresh, clear waters. By preserving the nature, it makes the experience all more authentic for us the traveller. Swimming in these amazing locations will truly make you feel refreshed and totally cleansed, making it an ideal opportunity to spiritually connect with yourself, your surroundings and appreciate life itself.

spiritual guide to Mexico - CENOTE - clear crystal water - sacred site

Mexico is filled with moments that really grip you and radiate gratitude and appreciation, not only for the world we live in but the experiences and encounters that really make us feel alive. The country is extremely rich in cultural and biological diversity, that diffuses an energy that can only be experienced by visiting it yourself. Feeling awaken, wiser and more connected, Mexico proves once again that travel is the ultimate tool for self-discovery and happiness.


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