April 15, 2021

Focus On You

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There is no other life altering real life education like traveling. I don’t mean the kind where you headout with your family to your mom and pops timeshare in Cabo San Lucas twice a year. I’m talking about strapping on that 30lb+ backpacking and hitting the streets of a foreign country on your own, or with an open minded, easy going friend.

Stop thinking about all the reasons why you shouldn’t go (like work, school, family, upcoming bdays and events, debt, etc…), and start focusing on YOU.

Focus on what will make YOU happy and stop pleasing others…all the time.

It is your life and you deserve to be happy and live in abundance. It is your right to explore this beautiful planet and the 6 billion plus people that live in it.

Go run with the bulls in Spain. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru. Ski the Swiss Alps. Ride through the canals of Venice, Italy. See the spectacular views from the Eiffel Tower. Experience up close the priceless masterpieces in all of the world famous museums. Eat rice and whatever in the Philippines…

All it takes is ONE time and you will be a changed person. A change that no one can do for you, but you. You can read about it, watch various programs, listen to countless stories, but at the end of the day you will just have to focus on bringing your dreams of traveling into reality.

The longer you wait, the more things can pop up into your life that will make it harder and harder for you to freely go.

Focus on the positive aspects of traveling YOUR way on YOUR terms and you will experience that nirvana that all travelers experience once they took action.

You will grow from your travel experience in a positive way, I promise you.

You will learn to rely on your instincts and will have a better understanding of who you are and what you want from life, if you’re paying attention to those things as you’re traveling.

There will be a lot of downtime on your travels, if you’ve planned your timeline right. No bills to worry about for the time being. No drama with friends and relationships. Family won’t get in your way. You boss is still going to be a $%#@ to your other cubicles mates, but not to you cuz you’re on the road. No homework or papers to finish. No waiting in rush hour traffic….

Just you, the lay of the land, and being present in every moment. That is how you will grow and how you will enrich your soul.

Focus on you and bring those travel dreams into reality and you will benefit on many levels in life.

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