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What are South America’s best hostels?

If you’re looking for adventure then South America is the destination for you! In a continent where you can visit the largest ruins in the world, and climb the highest mountains, then trek through the Amazon rain-forest, South America will satisfy any thrill-seeking backpacker.

After your adventures, relax on the exotic beaches surrounded by the wild jungle. Whatever you’re looking for in South America, there is a hostel waiting for you to enjoy your experience to the fullest! Here are the best hostels in South America:


Hostal La Finca Culturas Unidas, Medellin

When you wake up at Hostal La Finca Culturas Unidas and look out of the window, you’ll think you’re still dreaming. When you leave the bed you can breathe the cool air of the mountains that surround this hostel, and feel the pleasant heat of Medellín. And, if what you like is to be cool there is a solution: the huge swimming pool with epic views. Maybe you are still dreaming?!

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Eco Hostal Yuluka, Santa Marta

Hidden among the jungle, Eco Hostal Yuluka is the perfect place to unwind. Imagine waking up in one of its cabins, with the harmonious sound of the birds, surrounded by the tropical forest. Not to mention its incredible semi-natural pool with a slide … Everything you need is in this hostel!


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12:12 AM Hostels, Bogota

12:12 AM Hostels is in a quiet neighborhood of Bogotá and a short bus ride from downtown. Decorated with lots of books and magazines, all those who have stayed in their rooms review them as comfortable and clean. Oh, and did we mention how photogenic this hostel is?! Say cheese…

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Viejo Lobo, Cabo Polonio

In Viejo Lobo they love bright colors. You’ll realise this as soon as you see the terrace, the striking decoration, and the whole interior of the house. At night, you can go outside to enjoy the starry sky of Cabo Polonio. What more could you want?


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Lobo Hostel Bar, Cabo Polonio

Live music by candlelight, relaxing in Cabo Polonio. This is the true experience that you will live in Lobo Hostel Bar. A charming hostel, next to the beach, that organizes an endless number of events so that you enjoy to the maximum of your stay. From movie screenings to improvised concerts. You might even forget to leave!

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TAS D VIAJE Hostel – Surf Camp – Suites, Punta del Este

If what you like is to wake up and be a step away from the beach, then this is your hostel. TAS D TRAVEL Hostel is perfect for lovers of surf and waves. It is located two minutes from the beach, has a surf boards and bike rental services, and you can enjoy the most delicious craft beers.


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Mansa Beach Hostel, Punta del Este

Mansa Beach Hostel, located in the lively area of ??Punta del Este, is just a step away from the beach. You can relax on your chill out beds in the garden and enjoy the sound of the waves. And also, if you get hungry, you can enjoy the garden barbecue. They have it all thought out!


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America del Sur Hostel, El Calafate

Can you imagine waking up, going to breakfast and enjoying the beautiful sunrise of Argentina from your hostel? In South America Hostel you can sit on its huge terrace and admire the beautiful and colorful sky of Patagonia through the trees. What more could you want?


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The Upcycled Hostel, Huacachina

There is no better place to rest after a long day of sightseeing than The Upcycled Hostel. The best is its patio, with its pool and bar, where you will be welcomed with a typical drink, Pisco, while enjoying the company of your new hostel friends.


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Pariwana Hostel Cusco, Cuzco

The most wonderful feautre of Pariwana Hostel Cusco is its huge patio where a lot of activities are organized. From ping pong tournaments, to endless night games of trivial. This courtyard is always buzzing with young people looking to meet the world!


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Jodanga Backpackers Hostel, Santa Cruz

Are you a party animal? Then this is your hostel! Every day at the Jodanga Backpackers Hostel there are poolside barbecues, movie screenings and billiard games. The ideal place to make friends during your trip. The breakfast buffet with delicious natural juices will give you energy for the whole day.


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O de Casa Hostel Bar, Sao Paulo

In addition to the happening atmosphere at O de Casa Hostel Bar, this cozy house is located in the lively Vila Madalena neighborhood, full of shops, bars, markets and cool AF art. In it, you can rest in one of your comfortable hammocks while you read or play one of the many guitars that are hung on the wall. Groovy, baby!


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Da Lapa Design Hotel, Rio de Janeiro

Designed by renowned Brazilian architect Hélio Pellegrino, this hostel is located in the heart of the bohemian district of Lapa, close to some traditional bars, concert halls, and easy access to the historic city center. A perfect hostel if you want to be close to the party, but at the same time disconnect in a quiet place with all the comforts of a hotel.


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Submarino Hostel, Florianopolis

You could say that Submarino Hostel has it all. A collection of movies to project, kayaks, bikes, surfboards, ping pong, pool, barbecue … Yes, barbecue! You can induglge in all the traditional dishes of Brazil. Sp, who’s hungry?!


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Chili Kiwi Lakefront, Pucon, Chile

Did someone say room with a view? Good morning, Pucón! Here you can choose between reserving one of the cabins that are hung on the trees overlooking the lake or a double room “hobbit style” in the garden. Perfect for a movie night.


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Okori Hostel Pucon, Pucon

Okori Hostel Pucón is all about being one with nature. That is why they have decided to take care of all the flora and fauna that surrounds them, even providing the trees their own heaters to keep them toasty. From its huge hall made of stone and wood, one can admire the beauty of the forests outside. Now time to unwind…


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Hostal Rural, San Pedro de Atacama

If you go to Hostal Rural you will be amazed by the decor that it has. In every corner there is a drawing or a sculpture and everything has a very special atmosphere. You can rest in comfortable hammocks scattered all over the patio or you can go to the chill out area full of sofas to meet new fellow travelers.


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Nazu City Hostel, Guayaquil

The first thing you do when you arrive at the Nazu City Hostel, as you can see in the photo, is to admire the wall full of comics, amazing! And, if that were not enough, it also has a ping pong table, a chill out area and some of the most comfortable rooms to make your stay a delight. Do you need anything else to be happy?


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