September 24, 2023

“Try Not. Do…or, Do Not!” Lessons From Yoda…

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So many people never realize their travel goals simply because they always “try” and never “do.”

Watch this video and maybe Yoda’s wisdom from 1977 can convince you to ELIMINATE any form of “try” from your vocabulary.

So, if you find yourself constantly putting off your travel plans, it is most likely because you keep “trying.” to make it happen.

Whether you believe it to be true or not, it is reality. Ask yourself if you always use the word “try” in any form.

“I’m trying”
“I tried, but it didn’t work”
“I’ll try to save more money”
“I’ll try to get some time off of work to travel”
“I tried to lose weight, but the diet didn’t work”
“I tried to escape from work last year to travel, but was too busy”
“I’ll try to get another job and save up for my trip”
“I’ll try to convince my parents that I’ll be fine if I travel solo”

To realize those life altering travel adventures, or really any true personal growth, you’ve got to stop trying and just DO IT.

Thanks, Yoda!

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