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Thinking about backpacking Europe or anywhere else around the world? TravelPUNK’s mission is to help you get prepared for that trip of a lifetime. Whether you want to back pack Europe alone or back pack anywhere else, this site will help you. This site is packed with information to help you travel safe, smart, well prepared, and with confidence.

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  • Bee says:

    I am studying in Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) – Malaysia ( http://www.apu.edu.my) and during my study breaks i usually go backpacking with my best friend. Exploring Malaysia is something i have really been interested in. Just would like to know some more tips on backpacking like management of money time and agents,

  • John Harris says:

    I usually backpacking with my friends during my holiday. And I think Vietnam is a great choice to discover. There are many interesting experiences are waiting. One of the most amazing is travel from Hanoi to Halong (https://www.seaplanes.vn/en/scheduled-flights/flight-hanoi-halong-bay-seaplane.html) by seaplane. The view from the seaplane of Halong Bay is very beautiful. I am very want to go back to Vietnam one more time to explore more this beautiful country.
    However, for the next time I also do need some tips on backpacking to have a real backpacking trip.

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