Video: Tapas in Spain

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Tapas in general is just a little tasty snack that you can get at any bar or cafe in Spain.

Tapas can be anything. From a little plate of olive, nuts, chips, or cheese to little slices of bread topped off with something creative that the bartender or chef cooked up.

You normally get a free tapas with every beer you order in any bar or cafe. They say that’s why the Spanish are not overweight (in general) because they’re always eating these little tiny meals throughout the day and not three big huge meals that Americans usually eat.

Experience Spain

The best way way to experience Spain is to perhaps do a local Madrid or Barcelona food tour.

If you’re on a time schedule and have a little wiggle room in your budget, you might want to consider doing a local food tour. They’ll teach you about some of  the local hotspots and give you a great taste of what Spain has to offer with their local traditional, yet creative food scene.

Some tapas places are fancier than others as modern days chefs are looking to add there creative touch to the traditional tapas.

Here’s a video showcasing some tapas from Spain.

Here’s another video where you can see some creative tapas.

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