June 19, 2024

Too Young to Travel or Backpack Europe?

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Every year we get a new crop of youngens, 18 yrs old or under, looking for direction and guidance on backpacking Europe.

Inspired by other backpackers that have gone before them, these youngsters have mustered up enough gumption to blaze their own trail in life by discovering the world on their own terms.

So what could possibly stop them? In a word- Parents.

Parents can throw a serious wrench in your travel plans if you’re still underage or you aren’t know to be a very confident person.

Because to parents, it’s not enough to be confident if you’re underage. In their eyes, you must be super confident and very responsible.

If you aren’t these things, then start becoming these things as fast as possible. Take steps today to personally grow in these areas so by the time you reach your projected travel date, you’ll be a whole different person than you were before you read this article.

Are their concerns warranted? Absolutely. Afterall, a parents job is to be forever concerned about their kids no matter how young or old they are. When you’re a parent, you’ll understand this yourself=)

So how do you handle issues and concerns that parents will obviously have?Well, the worse thing that you can do is argue with them by continually telling them that you’ll be fine. This will add fuel to the fire.

The best way is to address their concerns is to provide them with overwhelming evidence and case studies that will support your cause and eliminate their fears.

Saying “It’s safe” won’t help you.

Instead, try saying “Let me show you why it is safe” and print out some testimonies from other young travelers before you.

Based on your research of these past travelers, show them how you’ll-

  • Deal with safety and security
  • Hostelling and places you’ll stay at
  • Meeting locals and other travelers
  • Getting around without speaking the local languages
  • Show them what your budget will be and how you’ll manage your money
  • How you’ll be traveling from one place to another with the Eurail Pass
  • How you’ll grow from this enlightening experience. Read Challenge Yourself. Travel Alone
  • Also, show them how easily you’ll be able to access the internet to give them constant updates on your safety and whereabouts and photos of all the great places you’ve traveled to as well as the people you’ve met.

    Basically, you’ll want to arm yourself with every possible answer to every possible question or concern that they’ll have.

    The more prepared you are in presenting your case to them, the more at ease they will be.The ultimate objective is to turn their resistance and concerns, into support and praise of travel goals.We have many topics on our message boards addressing this topic from young travelers all over the world.

    A recent topic on our world famous family style backpacker, budget, and student travel message boards that has some great answers to help young travelers address their parents concerns. Click here to read full post and replies.

    Remember, the trick is not to fight your parents because they do have valid concerns. Instead build an arsenal of verifiable research and testimonies that will not only address their concerns and put them at ease, but it will build your confidence as well.

    And truth be told, it’s all about showing that you are super confident!

    What techniques did you use to put your parents at ease?

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