September 25, 2022

The 10 most popular solo travel hot spots

Backpacking and solo travel go together like peas and carrots, like Forrest and Jenny. It’s no wonder then that more and more solo travellers head to hostels each year to take advantage of the social areas and laid-back vibes. But where are these solo travellers flocking to?

We’ve looked into the trending solo travel hot spots around the globe to give you The 411 on where to visit on your next independent adventure. It’s time to treat yo’self and take Me, Myself and I on the trip of a lifetime!

Here are our top 10 best places to travel alone based on the highest number of solo bookings last year.

 1. The USA

The USA is one of the best destinations for solo travellers given its diversity in terms of geography. In other words, The USA really does have something for everyone – pardon the cliche! Skiing in Montana? Check. Surfing in LA? Check. City breaking in NYC? Check. Pair this with the classic American friendliness and a bit of Southern Hospitality and it’s no surprise that The USA saw the biggest number of bookings from solo travellers in 2017.

The land of the free can be rather expensive to visit but luckily we have some top notch hostels that will help push the pennies even further!

Hostels in The USA

best places to travel alone - USA - san francisco

? San Francisco, California ?: Jamie Street

2. England

So old chaps, second on the list of places to travel alone is England, with London being our highest booked solo travel city of 2017. Travellers head to London for that quintessential British experience. Red buses, black taxi cabs and a trip to Buckingham Palace to say hey to Queen Liz. Travellers also head to London to experience curry on Brick Lane, a pint in a traditional pub and some of the best nightlife in Europe.

Hostels in England

best places to travel alone - England - London - Big Ben

?London, United Kingdom ?: Heidi Sandstrom

3. Spain

Every city in Spain has a distinct and vibrant culture, meaning that you can spend months embarking on an epic Spanish city-crawl and never get bored. Although each city has its own unique feel, there’s one thing that connects them all: Spanish food is out of this world – seriously! Indulge in Tapas and Spanish wine until you’re sleepy enough to slip into a siesta, dreamy right?!

Hostels in Spain

best places to travel alone - Barcelona - spain

?Barcelona, Spain ?: Toa Heftiba

4. Australia

Perhaps one of the first destinations that comes to mind when you think ‘backpackers’ and ‘solo travellers,’ it’s no wonder that Australia made it into our top 5 most booked countries by solo adventurers last year. Think awesome hostels, tanned surfer dudes, and some of the best diving spots in the world (just try not to think about a finned friend swimming below you!), Australia is almost a rite of passage for any seasoned backpacker. Often a port of call for solo travellers looking to work abroad and with friendly locals ready to offer tips, Australia is definitely one of the best places to travel alone.

Hostels in Australia

best places to travel alone - Sydney Australia

?Sydney, Australia ?: Mahdis Mousavi

5. Italy

Sure, I could tell you about the classic beauty of Rome’s architecture, the fairy-tale-esque cliff hugging houses in Positano, or the enthralling history of Pompeii and Herculaneum, but I know what you’re really looking for from a trip to Italy… Food, glorious food. Widely considered the centre of the carb universe, Italian food is globally renowned, and you’ll get the best quality straight from the source. Avoid the tourist traps and instead ask the hostel staff for insider tips on where the locals eat and PLEASE, for the love of Cheesus, head to Naples to try pizza in the city where it began.

Hostels in Italy

best places to travel alone - Italy - Trevi Fountain

?Rome, Italy ? Christopher Czermak

6. Thailand

Thailand is a top destination for first time solo travellers, enticing in thousands of backpackers year on year. Bangkok serves as the gateway to South East Asia making Thailand a natural first stop on your travels. Having said this, Bangkok itself is a sight to behold and you’d be foolish to skip over it. Giving NYC a run for it’s money as ‘The City That Never Sleeps,’ Bangkok is loud, chaotic and sinfully exciting.

If you’re more of a beach boss than city slicker then it’s the islands for you my friend! With literally hundreds of islands to choose from, do some research before you head out and decide if you want a raging party island or secluded beach. Whatever you decide, be prepared for astounding beauty, white sands, cool beach bars and wicked snorkelling spots.

Hostels in Thailand

best places to travel alone - phra nang Thailand

?Phra Nang, Thailand ?: Farsai C

7. Germany

Known for its beer, bratwurst and the best (and most exclusive) nightclubs in the world, Germany is a perfect destination for travelling solo and meeting fellow backpackers. In summer, Berlin is essentially one massive beer garden with locals and travellers alike sharing a stein of the cold stuff.

Berlin’s notorious nightlife scene is unrivalled in Europe and club bouncers are known to favour individuals and smaller groups, so you’ll have no trouble getting in as a solo traveller.

Asides from clubbing, Berlin is famed for its street art, day festivals and grungy aesthetic – prost!

Hostels in Germany

best places to travel alone - Berlin Germany

?Berlin, Germany ?: Pablo Hermoso

8. France

Flashpackers and chic travellers looking for a classy break flood to The City of Love to sample the fashion, culture and style mastered only by Paris. The only city for the hopeless romantic, aspiring poet or art enthusiastic, Paris enjoys a steady about of bookings from solo travellers yearly.

Once you’ve fallen head over heels for Paris, head to the stunning French countryside or the gorgeous beaches in the South of France. Maybe you’ll even spot a rogue Celeb hunting for their new yacht!

Hostels in France

best places to travel alone - Paris France - Eiffel Tower

?Paris, France ?: John Towner

9. Japan

Visiting Japan feels a little like taking a trip into the future with their insane technology, huge modern cities and space-inspired pod hostels. The bright lights of Tokyo are as exhilarating as they are overwhelming, and the street food is truly sensational.

Japan is also a country of unspoiled nature and centuries old tradition. Visit the gorgeous temples and be awe-inspired by the postcard perfect Mount Fuji. With efficient transport and world class hostels, Japan is one of the best place to travel alone on your next adventure ridin’ solo.

Hostels in Japan

best places to travel alone - Osaka Japan

?Oksaka, Japan ?: Alexander Smagin

10. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a truly wonderful country with some of the friendliest people in world ready to welcome you on your solo visit. The home of gorgeous tulip fields, winding canals and, of course, legalised marijuana, Amsterdam will forever be one of the best places to visit in Europe. For whatever reason, you may be a little more – err – laid back than usual while in Amsterdam, making it the perfect city to go alone, meet new people, and be open to new experiences.

Hostels in The Netherlands

best places to travel alone - Amsterdam Netherlands

?Amsterdam, The Netherlands ?: Javier M


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