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Forum Topics: 10 days for London and How much is too much?

posted by: petros I stumbled on some cheap fares ($640ish) from SFO to Heathrow. I was planning a big Europe trip in 2009, but there is no reason I can’t do this in addition to the other trip. Class is out in the beginning of May, and I want to leave as soon as I... Read More »

12 Things You Need To Do Before Backpacking Europe: Europe Trip Budget and Finances (Part 7)

This is a 12 part series on Backpacking Europe for all you aspiring & seasoned backpackers and student travelers. 8. Backpacking Europe Trip Budget and Finances Budgeting for your trip is dependent on many things. It all depends on what kind of trip you want. I saw website that said that you can travel for... Read More »