Sunday, 24 Jun 2018

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Absinthe’s Mind-Altering Mystery Solved

Absinthe. The famous old green elixir, made famous by European socialites in the 1800’s, still piques the curiosity of travelers embarking on their trips to Europe each and every year. A recent report out on Absinthe that inquiring minds would like to know… Charles Q. ChoiSpecial to An analysis of century-old bottles of absinthe […]

Absinthe: 10 Well Known (and not so well know) FACTS

Most backpackers and student travelers will here about Absinthe Wormwood at some point of their trip planning stage or while on the road traveling through Europe, so it’s worth giving a re-cap on this topic. Absinthe Wormwood, one of the most mysterious and enigmatic character of the European backpacker scene. Many people know this fascinating […]