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Contest! Top Travel Blogger for April Wins $50!

To kick-off our newly added BLOGS section, we’re giving away $50 to the top blogger! This section is brand spanking new, so it’s a free for all right now. Sign up for your backpacker/student travel blog and start blogging away! Add photos and videos to your blog too. We’ve also created a new photo gallery... Read More »

Got A Great Photo? Win A TPunk TShirt, Patches, & Stickers!

In addition to our Best Photo Album contest, we’re also holding a “Best Photo” contest. The winner will receive a TravelPUNK TShirt, 2 Official TravelPUNK Patches, and some stickers for you to tag world famous landmarks=)! If you got a great photo that all backpackers and student travelers need to see, register for a FREE... Read More »