April 16, 2021

Quikpod. A MUST for Backpackers and Student Travelers!

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I love hearing travel adventures from backpackers and love to see the photos of the places they explored and people that they met. But one thing that irks me is that they often leave themselves out of the shot!

It’s understandable for the most part since they’re the ones taking the photo. Not everyone has the patience to carry a bulky tripod and it is a drag to keep asking people to take your photo and walking them through the steps on how to operate the camera.

Enter: The QuikPod Handheld Convertible Tripod

This little gadget is amazing! It allows you to be in EVERY SHOT!

You’ll NEVER have to pester anyone to snap a shot of you with that “landmark” in the background. You can do it yourself and frame the shot anyway you want!

It’s also very compact and takes up very minimal space.

For minidv camcorders, the NEW and improved Quikpod DSLR will do the exact same thing.


QuikPod DSLR Handheld Convertible Tripod

And, it will also turn into a monopod for perfect stabilization when taking shots.

Make sure you pack one of these for your trip because I don’t want to see another photo of the Eiffel Tower with nobody in it!

Buy the QuikPod Handheld Convertible Tripod from Amazon and save money!

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