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Punkbands.com – Large collection of punk band and label information, with reviews, scene information, news, reviews and lyrics.
  • Anomalies Anonymous – A site about punk and music in general. Featuring Sex Pistols, Nirvana, The Clash and others.
  • Art of the State Archive– Punk rock resource with lyrics, photographs, flyers, profiles on Icons of Filth and Subhumans as well as links.
  • Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life– A worldwide resource guide for the punk and hardcore DIY community.
  • Break My Face -An archive site dedicated to early punk rock bands (like Bad Brains, AK-47, The Huns, Really Red and The Weirdos) and music.
  • Bullshit – "Another Anarchopunk Resource" Makes rare recordings available in RealAudio-format.
  • Clap Trap – Focused on The Misfits and The Ramones. Stie features a discography, audio, photos, information about both bands and links.
  • CompHELLation -Created to guide you through the murky waters of punk reissue compilations. With a searchable and continually-updated database of old and rare punk reissues.
  • DIY-Punk – Provides links to the DIY punk communities all over the globe.
  • Emo Music For Emo Kids – This site is dedicated to Emo music and up-and-coming emo bands. Show dates, bands, news, and MP3s.
  • Fast And Furious – For punks from the late 70’s and early 80’s. A community to talk about UK punk like Sex Pistols, Slaughter and The Dogs, UK Subs and The Clash.
  • Flaming Torch – Directory of bands, record labels and albums.
  • Flex – US Punk And Hardcore Discography – A punk discography with over 4000 records reviewed.
  • Hammer Productions – Owned by Terry Hammer, who specializes in working with hardcore punk and reggae bands. A longtime member of the punk community, this site has some historical perspective.
  • House of the Rising Punk – A comprehensive listing of punk websites from around the world.
  • The International Discography of the American New Wave by Henry Weld – From the introduction, "The aim of this project is to compile concise, correct information about punk records from America in the years 1976 to 1983."
  • Japan Punk Project – A knowledge base for Japanese punk and hardcore music. Band information, news, reviews, labels and distributors. [English]
  • Marko’s New Wave Bootleg Encyclopaedia – A listing with information on bootlegs of punk, new wave and alternative rock bands.
  • Mod ’79 and Power Pop-Punk– A collection of discographies and biographies of power pop, mod’79 and punk rock bands from ’77 to ’83, including many pictures and album sleeves.
  • MP3.com HOT Punk List – A top 100 list of MP3.com punk, ska, and hardcore bands and stations.
  • Mp3s4Punx – Zipped punk rock MP3s and launch.com broadcast.
  • New Schooland – A resource for underground new school punk information with band profiles and CD reviews.
  • New Wave and Punk Listing– A listing of 70’s new wave and punk bands in the United Kingdom with selected scans of album and single covers.
  • Nonstop Pop – A site with mini-sites for the Go-Betweens, Bis, Coloring Book and former Slits/Raincoats drummer Palmolive.
  • Old School Punk Sounds – Features "Screams from the Gutter" punk radio, old flyers, and hard to find live and demo tapes.
  • PlanetPunk – The site features new punk bands and music. Links, CD reviews and streaming audio as well as a forum for unsigned and new bands.
  • Poppunk.Com – A pop punk resource with contests, MP3s, a chat room and merchandise.
  • 321 Punk – Biographies, discographies, lyrics, tabs, pictures and downloads from bands like Bad Religion, Offspring, Pennywise, Dead Milkmen and The Vandals.
  • Punk / Oi FTP Server – Listing of an FTP server with account information.
  • Punk – Rulz . com – MP3s, bands profiles and information for bands like Rancid, NoFX, Pennywise, Sum 41, Boy Sets Fire.
  • Punk Fix – Offers reviews, articles, interviews and photographs covering punk rock and hardcore history from the 70s to the present.
  • Punk Information Directory – Resource attempting to document the past 25 years of punk music, with band discographies and links to MP3s, labels, record stores and mail order sites.
  • Punk Island – A punk site with biographies, pictures, links, news and downloads. Showcasing a lot of bands such as Anti-Flag, Green Day, MXPX, Mr. T Experience, The Living End, Rancid, Homegrown, Blink-182 and The Ataris.
  • Punk Junk.net – Punk site with band pages, including ones on the Offspring, Bad Religion, AFI, Blink 182and NoFX. Site also has MP3s, tablature and lyrics.
  • Punk Logos – Over 100 images of band logos and MP3s of punk bands.
  • Punk Page – Link directory to punk sites organized by bands, zines and stores. Also has news and MP3s.
  • Punk Pal – A-Z directory of links to punk band websites.
  • Punk Rawk Links – A collection of punk rock links for bands like Blink 182, Sum 41, NoFX and Good Charlotte.
  • Punk Rock 007 – Pages on some old school bands like Black Flag, The Exploited, Subhumans (UK) and Dead Kennedys. Site has MP3s, discographies, sound clips and links.
  • Punk Rock Finder – Source to find bands, labels, MP3s, discographies and other punk information.
  • Punk Rock For Girls – A site in Italian about punk rock bands, some which feature female band members.
  • Punk Rock Rules – Band information on The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers, such as lyrics, pictures and news.
  • Punk Rock World – Band information, select lyrics, tablature, MP3s and tour dates of mostly Italian shows and bands. [English/Italian]
  • Punk, Ska and Hardcore – This site provides pictures, tabs and MP3s of Pennywise, Dead Kennedys and Ataris.
  • Punk V3 – Informational site featuring guitar tablature, RealAudio clips, MP3s, band biographies, tour dates, pictures, flyers and links.
  • Punk Will Never Die – A site dedicated to pop-punk, ska-punk and old school bands, with lyrics, news and band biographies. [English/Italian]
  • Punkmusic.com – News, discussion board and band links.
  • Punknews.org – News, reviews and album release dates.
  • punk.pagina.nl – Links to Dutch and international bands, punk MP3 sites, newsgroups, punk labels and places to chat.
  • Punkrockers.com – Free video and MP3 downloads of: Weirdos, Vandals, Adolescents, Screamers, Ramones, Dickies, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Germs, Minor Threat and Monster X. Also features a flyer gallery and a guestbook.
  • PunkRocks.net – Release dates, Web radio stations, show reviews, interviews, non-biased interactive CD reviews and a forum for loud people.
  • PunkSearch.com – A search engine specifically for all the forms of punk rock.
  • Punktastic.com – Punk rock reviews, interviews and tour dates for both the UK and US.
  • Punkupdates.com – A punk specific release calendar.
  • Punx United – Band profiles and show dates.
  • Rock of Japan – Images, introductions, album covers, track listings, and links for Japanese bands such as Guitar Wolf, Shonen Knife, and King Brothers.
  • Spirit Of Punk Band List– Punk band listing and a music site guide.
  • SuperPunk.com – For fans of punk rock music and extreme sports.
  • A Tim Yohannan Memorial -A memorial for Timmy Yo!, the longtime editor of Maximumrocknroll, who passed away of cancer April 3, 1998.
  • TruePunk.com – Hosts official band sites, official message boards (Catch 22, Shai Hulud, MxPx, AAA), chatroom, polls, articles and free e-mail.
  • We Don’t Care – Band information, reviews, links, tour dates, news, interviews, games, MP3s and other information related to pop-punk and punk rock music.

    World Wide Punk -Internet punk directory, listing thousands of bands, record labels, zines, and radio shows. Also reviews and interviews.

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