July 22, 2024

Punk Links

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  • Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life – international guide to DIY/underground bands, promoters, clubs, zines, and resources, from Maximum RocknRoll and the Amoeba Collective.
  • Aktitud and Fights – Articles and information on bands, anarchy and punk rock with links to related material. [English/Spanish]
  • alt.punk – This page deals with the regulars in the newsgroup alt.punk, and contains the FAQ for that newsgroup.
  • The Beginners Guide to the Mosh Pit – A comprehensive guide to all mosh related issues. Crowd surfing, stage diving and how to get the best spot in the pit.
  • Dharma Punk Mischief Industries – A nonviolent, law-abiding chaos organization.
  • Early Eighties Punk Rock Survivors -A spot for that generation of punks that survived the early eighties. Photographs, flyers, stories, message board and tons of links. More about the crowd than about the bands.
  • Giant Robo Ninja Punk – Movies, writing, and design for the vocal punk minority.
  • Grebo Heights – The home of a UK Grebo community. Information about the rock and punk scene, galleries and message board.
  • A History of Punk – An accurate two part statement on punk rock and the subculture.
  • Imperial Hearts – Punk/emo online community featuring news, forums, link, reviews and downloads.
  • Independent Punk Rock Film – Information on an upcoming indie punk film featuring footage and interviews with Jack Grisham (TSOL), Jello Biafra, Keith Morris (Black Flag,Circle Jerks) and other punks involved in the first wave of US punk rock.
  • Mital-U Punk-Wave – A short history lesson about the beginning of Punk and New Wave, Vivienne Westwood and the Swiss Punk and New Wave scenes.
  • Punk 77 Mailing List – Mailing list for 70’s punk music.
  • Punk Chronology – An in depth look at punk culture and it’s subcultures, starting in the 1960’s.
  • Punk Connect – Free Punk Personals– Find a punk match by searching locally and internationally for all types of punks. Find punks with similar interests, political views, drug attitudes (straight edge) and diets (vegan).
  • Punk History Canada – A living chronicle on punk to honor the years 1977-1987. Includes a band database, links, posters, photos and a forum.
  • Punk Information Directory– labels, bands, reviews, links, and more.
  • Punk Pal – A-Z directory of punk bands.
  • Punk Rock In My Veins – directory of punk and oi! bands.
  • Punk Suburbia -punk directory that includes band pages, desktop themes, punk postcards, sound files, and more.
  • Punkbands.com – bands, reviews, lyrics, news, scenes, and more.
  • PunkRock.org – bands, ezines, labels, scenes, stores, and more.
  • Punkseek – directory of punk bands, labels, auctions, shopping, news, radio, and more.
  • Punk MagazineThe official online magazine for punks.
  • Punk! Or Something Like It – Focusing on contrasting pop-punk today to punk rock in 1977 (specifically Blink 182 to The Ramones).
  • The Punk Page – One of the very first punk sites on the web. A vast amount of links and information provided on the site.
  • Punknet 77 – Some people call it old school punk, some people say original punk, some people say ’77 punk and some people call part of it new wave or power pop; all about punk.
  • PUnks, skins, and anarchists NO FAHISTS– Punk rock history, skinhead history, anarcho history, pictures of respectable punk rockers and a lot more information about punk subculture.
  • Punksite Message Board Community– Several message boards and communities for punks.
  • Quincy Punk Rock Episode– A breakdown of the infamous Quincy episode, including video clips and a brief synopsis.
  • The Quintessential Punk History– An essay by Bryn Chamberlain about the social structure and effects of the punk movement.
  • Search And Destroy -Search engine and directory for old styled punk rock, glam-punk, punk’n’roll, garage-punk and primitive rock and roll-related sites.
  • See Ya’ In The Pit… – A site for punks, by punks, and about punk, the truth of punk, what punk is and what it represents. Anarchism and punk articles.
  • SkateRock.com – like a method air into the mosh pit. Skating and music for your life.
  • SuperPunk.com – fusing punk rock music with extreme sports.
  • Teenage Suicide, Do it! -Site dedicated to (and the explanation of) Smashism, Occultonomy, Emo-violence, Guyana Punch Line, In/Humanity and new wave sensibilities.
  • Typical Girls – An e-mail based music dialogue/discussion group and a democratic forum for the discovery of/appreciation for the unknown legends in women’s punk/music history.

  • The Uncarved Critical Look at Anarchopunk
    – Includes essays, interviews and analysis concerning the anarcho punk movement, including material on Crass, anarchism and the politics of punk.
  • Unixpunx Dot Org – A site for people who love subculture music and subculture operating systems.
  • We Created it, Let’s Take it Over -The emergence of punk in America.
  • The Women of 1970’s Punk – The only website dedicated to the women of 1970’s punk rock.
  • World Wide Punk – Directory of punk stuff on the Internet. Links to bands, record labels, radio shows, history, newsgroups and other pages. Also contains music reviews, zine reviews, interviews and MP3s.

  • WorldWidePunks
    -Providing an online community for punks to gather and talk, share ideas, photos, and music. Provides free webspace and e-mail addresses in a variety of domain names to the punk community.
  • The Zero Jr. Archives – A totally non-profit disorganization for the preservation and desemination of information on Punk Rock

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