April 17, 2024

3 Great Nightclubs In Paris To Hang Out At During The Summer

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Paris is quite a nice city to hang out at night.

There are plenty of bars, café, restaurants, nightclubs. So much nightlife you really are spoilt for choice.

You can buy a bottle of Rosé (or whatever else you want) and go and have a drink on the banks of the river Seine or on the Champs de Mars…

But in this article, I’m going to focus on nightclubs.

As I said, there are plenty of busy and popular nightclubs in Paris, but during the summer I’m not a great fan of staying packed inside (especially when it’s getting pretty hot and when you struggle to get some fresh air).

That’s why I’m going to focus on the kind of clubs that are:

  1. Big
  2. Outdoor (or at least that contain some substantial outdoor space)

That’s the kind of clubs where I personally love to go out at night when I’m in Paris, and where you’ll meet many local people and many other tourists and foreigners.

I’m going to share with you below the 3 clubs that are really worth it at this time of the year, and some tips to pass the face control and in some cases to not pay any entrance fee.

But before, there is something you need to understand about Paris:

Unlike many other big cities, many night clubs in Paris aren’t open during the week (except for some special days or events).

The night clubs I’m going to talk about below are always open on Friday night and Saturday night, and sometimes open on Thursday night.

So take this information into consideration when planning your week.

I would advise you to have a look at the social media pages or websites of these clubs in advance so that you can know about their schedule in more details.

That being said, let’s go through the 3 best night clubs where you can hang out in Paris while enjoying the weather and the fresh air of the city 😉


• Communion Nightclub (previously called Nuba):

The Communion nightclub in Paris is located on a rooftop not far from the Austerlitz railway station (5 minutes by foot), on the top of a strange green building (but not very high, about 3-4 floors).

What is great is that the building is built along the river Seine. You have a nice view on the other side of the river and on the boats that are going around.

There is an outside dance floor, as well as an inside dance floor.

Price of the drinks are average: around 8€ for a big beer (half a litre), 10€ for a vodka redbull (in comparison, you’ll pay around 18€ for a vodka redbull in the night clubs on the Champs Élysée Avenue), 8€ or so for a glass of Rosé, and so on.

There is a burger stand opened all night, so you can eat whenever you want if you’re feeling a bit peckish.

In order to easily pass the face control, either bring girls with you (if you’re more than 2-3 males it’s not guaranteed that they’ll let you in) either come early (before 8pm).

Since this club is also a restaurant, you can come very early and not have any issue with the face control (they don’t check anything during the afternoon or in the early evening).

This club is quite a nice place to meet girls (as well as the club below).

The type of music played is electronic music.

Entrance is free.

• Nuits Fauves Nightclub (previously called Wanderlust):

A very big nightclub that is located… under the Communion. That is to say in the same building as the club i’ve described above.

The people coming that frequent the Nuits Fauves nightclub in Paris are a bit younger than the people coming to the Communion club, it’s usually a bit more “messy” but it’s still great because you have a very big dance floor outside, and a nice view on the river Seine.

You also have a dance floor inside.

The prices of the drinks are practically the same as in the Communion.

In order to pass the face control, make sure you don’t come too late (try to come before midnight, ideally before 11pm).

The type of music played is electronic music.

Entrance fee is around 10-15€.

• Concrete Nightclub:

Concrete Nightclub in Paris is a quite unique place located… on a boat (at least it looks like a boat).

But the boat is not moving, so it’s always on the same place and you can come and leave whenever you want 😉

The prices of the drinks are basically the same as in the clubs mentioned above.

This club is also located near the Austerlitz railway station, but on the other side of the river (near Gare de Lyon).

There is a big dance floor on the upper part of the boat (opencast), and a big dance floor inside (below the opencast dance floor).

Before coming to this Paris nightclub, you must carefully check their schedule: there are some Friday nights when there are not open and instead open at 7am on Saturday morning in order to host people looking for an after party (in this case the party goes on all day).

That’s a really nice club to chill out. Depending on the night or the event, people are quite easy to talk to.

Face control is also very easy to pass.

The type of music played is electronic music.

The entrance is free before midnight, and will cost you 15€ after midnight (beware of the waiting queue, if you come at around midnight you might have to wait 1 hour or so before getting into the club).

So what is the best nightclub in Paris?

The best nightclub in Paris I believe is either the Communion or Concrete, these nightclubs in are especially great during the summertime.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on drinks, you can drink before going into the club or in the waiting queue, but make sure the security guards don’t see you (throw your bottle after reaching the face control).

Some people manage to take some drinks in their bag and drink inside the club (although it’s not allowed), excepted in the Concrete where security guards have a very close look at your bags and pockets before letting you in.

If nightlifes not for you and you find yourself more of a daytime person then be sure to check out the ultimate list of things to do on a day trip to Paris.

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