Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

Huck Finns Abroad

Expat Teens Have No Regrets Expat teens are a new generation of teenagers who chose to escape from their everyday routines in their everyday lives by living someplace else. We’re not talking exchange students or temporary residents. We’re talking teens who packed their backpack, kissed their family and friends goodbye, burned their bridges, and never […]

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Eurail Backpack Theft!

WARNING- At these stops KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR BAGS/BACKPACKS (Read below)! Taking a night train? Many Europeans travel during the weekends, so play it smart and reserve your spot. You will find backpackers sitting in both 1st and 2nd class seating. Sometimes the train that you will be traveling on will be full in […]

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Challenge Yourself- Travel Alone

Feel like traveling to Europe, or the around the world, and don’t have anyone to travel with? Hopefully this article will help you with the push you need to finally pull the trigger and strap on a backpack and get some culture in you! It was my first real trip anywhere. I had been a […]

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