Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Adventures from WorldWideMike: Ireland

I had planned on leaving Saturday, but the angry ghost of Christopher Columbus again made things difficult for me. America West cancelled our 1130 Chicago flight (the one I was going to leave on). Which meant we sent all our passengers over to Southwest (my backup) overselling them. Our next flight wasn’t until 4:30 pm, […]

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Leipzig-Germany’s treasure

As you all know, I went to Germany and wondered around Germany and I discovered a town called Leipzig. Feeling inspired by it I wrote a little article/guide-hope you enjoy it. Leipzig-Germanys treasure By Ben Albright When people think of Leipzig the image of red brick and a formerly red government come to mind. Surely […]

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Ready, Fire! Then Aim Later…

READY We’ve grown up with the good old saying, “Ready. Aim. Fire!” Well, something that I learned years ago that has played a big part in my life and how I approach things is to tweak this good old saying just a little bit. Rather than “Ready. Aim. Fire,” Learn to “Ready. FIRE…then Aim later.” […]

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Hostel Beds in Europe Are Getting Scarce…

Word from a couple of TravelPUNK backpackers, currently traveling through Europe, is that hostel beds are extemely low (see thread on our message boards Severe scarcity of beds in England right now!). If fact, one of our TravelPUNKS is currently traveling in London and couldn’t extend his stay at the hostel he was staying at […]

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Sex While Traveling (Part 2)

As you can see from the poll we took (Sex While Backpacking Part 1 from the members or our backpacking forum, backpackers are a curious bunch of people and TravelPUNKS especially are not just your stereotypical traveler or tourist. We come from all different places in the world, we are made up of people from […]

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