August 13, 2022

Online Travel Blogs- What Do You Write About?

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This may seem like a simple answer, but when you stop and think about it, there are quite a few things to consider.

For example, before you start, you need to ask yourself some questions like-

Who will be reading this blog?
Friends, Family, or the General Public (networking with other bloggers, etc…)

What should I write about?
Places, experiences, peeps you meet, emotions, spiritual awakenings, one night stands, etc…

Details. How much detail do you want to give?
For example, will you write “I met a beautiful local girl and we hung out all night and met up for dinner the next evening at a local restaurant in Barcelona that her family frequents” or, are you going to unleash all of the nitty gritty of what really went down the night you hung out? Know what I’m talking about?

These are a few of the things that you want to ask yourself before you start your travel blog. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember the main thing is that this is your blog. Your journal. You will be reading this journal 10 yrs from now, so if you write a seriously censored version, you may be a little sad 10yrs from now when you read your blog and you left out all of the juicy details that you’re now having a hard time remembering.

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We have an interesting discussion going on right now on our message boards. Westcoastfunky writes-

Sorry for posting ANOTHER topic! *blush* I just have all these questions and do not know anyone that has travelled for long periods.

I will be keeping a blog while I’m travelling but what I would like to know is what people write about and how online blogging vs journalling on paper has done to change what you write about? Do you censor yourself online?

I’m thinking things like…
1) feeling an intense romantic connection with a person you meet for 2 days
2) having a crazy sexual night (ummm…4 some with swedish techno babes for instance!)
3) personal emotions
4) stories that involve other people and you are sort of invading their privacy by sharing
5) etc

These are things, memories, I would like to write about but it seems you have to be more sterile than this and blog online, not journal. If you do journal it needs to be private or it needs to be annonymous. I am not really sure which route I want to take. I would like to have a public blog and be honest but…

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