August 14, 2022

One Fans Visit to the Jameson Distillery in Dublin

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I am a big fan of Jameson Irish Whiskey, such a fan in fact that I flew to Ireland just to visit the Jameson Distillery in Dublin.

I flew into Dublin with my backpack slung over my shoulder and really no place to go, I had no maps ( I had forgot them) I had no friends (except the weird guy on the plane) and only one purpose, find the Jameson Distillery. The only reference I had was the address on the label, 7 Bow St.

I jumped on a transit bus and rode around for what seemed like forever, and every person I asked sent me in a different direction, finally at about noon I found my prize, there before me stood the doors to greatness, the Jameson distillery. I eagerly went inside and started to chat up the girl at the desk, she explained to me that the tour would be starting in about 15 min, I was on cloud nine, it seemed like everyone else that was there were much older than me, so I guess the young lady at the desk fancied the youthful conversation. She told me that during the tour they are going to ask for volunteers, and I was to put my hand up. I thanked her and went
on my tour.

Just like she had said at a point in the tour the lady asked for volunteers, my hand shot up and myself and 2 others were picked from the crowd of 15 or so. As the tour came to an end, we walked into what looked like a pub from the 1800´s, and at one of the tables there were 3 fancy placemats with 4 shots of Scotch a shot of Bourbon, and a shot of Rye. The tour guide explained that we would be doing taste testing, I was in my glory!!!!

The tour group milled about as I eyed the oak table with the nectar of the gods sitting atop it. I slipped away from the group and began to down the shots, I was just enjoying the last of the six when the tour guide said, “No, no, we are suppose to talk about each shot as your drink them!” I apologized and started to slink away, she laughed at my eagerness and began to refill the shot glasses!!!! I could not believe this, I sat down at the table with the other two that were picked and one by one we drank the shots and talked about them as we did.

Now just to kind of put a perspective on this, I had not slept in about 27 hours, I had not eaten in about 15 hours, I had just downed 12 shots of hard alcohol, needless to say I WAS PISSED!!!

After our little discussion I got from the table and began to stagger my way out of the bar area, when the tour guide yelled over to me, ” Oh sir, you get a free shot with the tour.” I could not refuse such an offer, so back I went and downed what was to be my last shot. I was so intoxicated at this point I could not see straight. I went down to the gift shop and bought a small bottle of Jameson as a souvenir of my visit. I then had a very bright idea, I asked the friendly girl who I had met when I came in and who was now enjoying my display of public drunkenness, where I could find the president of Jameson, she told me around the corner at the head office. So with all the confidence in the world I marched myself around the corner into the head office. Now this place was nothing like the distillery it was modern and fancy with big leather chairs and glass hand rails on the stairs. The 40ish or so woman at the front desk looked up and me and smiled, “How can I help you sir?”

And in my best drunken English I said, “I am from Canada, I have come all the
way to Dublin to visit the Jameson distillery, and I would like to meet the president of Jameson!”

With a look of courosity in her face she said “One moment sir.” She picked up the phone said some words to someone on the other line and hug up. She told me “Mr. Burrows will be with you in a moment.”

I was shocked, I was stunned, I could not believe that the president of this international company was going to come and talk to my drunken ass.

I heard a door open at the top of the open concept foyer and I could hear the tap of shoes coming down the stairs. Mr.Robert Burrows CEO of Jameson Distillery came right up to me introduced himself, thanked me for coming to Ireland and signed my gift bottle I had bought. And then just like that he was on his way back up the stairs.

I thanked the lady at the desk and went outside. I sat on the curb in my inebriated coma and smiled. I did what I came to Dublin to do. Now what???

-By Robert ” BOB” Smith of Toronto, Canada. AKA The Canadian Dude

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