April 16, 2021

No worries, mate: 38 moments every backpacker who’s been to Australia can relate to

1. When you receive your visa confirmation

2. And the journey begins

3. When you (finally) arrive at your first hostel after a 789 hour flight

4. And make your first contact with the local ‘inhabitants’

5. When you get comfortable after several rounds of beer-pong

6. When you meet the Australian sun for the first time

7. When everyone you chat to in the Hostel has experienced super cool stuff

8. And you head out to experience the nightlife with your new hostel crew

9. What? Free breakfast?

10. and… Movie night?!

11. The first look into the universe of Gumtree

12. When you run low on money and you urgently need ANY KIND of job

13. And the moment you realise you are getting paid weekly

14. When you go on a solo trip with the Greyhound bus and try to meet new people

15. And your new friends have the same travel plans as you

16. When go to the supermarket and can’t find the alcohol section

17. When you discover the “Bottle’O” and try ‘Goon’ for the first time

18. … and after 5 glasses too many of it

19. When someone mentions lockout laws and the bar won’t let you in anymore

20. No snorkelling without protecting yourself from stingers!

21. When you finally get your job at the farm so you can have a second year visa

22. Trying Vegemite for the first time

23. What you think you’ll look like as a construction worker

24. … what you actually look like

25. When you and your travel buddies start your first road trip together

26. And you finally go camping!

27. Or hiking…

28. When you check the other tent to see if your friend is awake yet

29. Or wake up yourself by seeing this

30. When its been a loooong road trip and you get ready for a night out the first time

31. Or you find a real shower for the first time during your Outback-trip

32. Experiencing the Outback be like…

33. When someone mentions that the next place is ‘only’ a 5-hour drive away

34. And you are confident enough to think you can go off road without a 4W-Drive

35. Your reaction to every new beach you discover

36. When you manage to stand up on your surfboard the first time

37. When you slowly start to put on the Ozzie slang

38. And you start to feel at home

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