May 8, 2021

Longing to Backpack Europe? Stop Talking About It and Just Do It!

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I think everyone is guilty, at one point or another, of talking about their dreams and not taking swift action to make it happen. has been urging people for over 6 years to just “pull the trigger” and make your travel dreams happen.

Sadly, most people, no matter how much inspiration and motivation they get from things they watch, read, or the people around them, will never take action.

There will always be something that will get in their way. Things that they create, subconsciously, that will allow them to make more excuses as to why they should continue to procrastinate on their travel dreams.

You create your own reality.

Push yourself to make it happen! You won’t regret it.

Here’s an inspirational post from a new member of our community, Bedtimeonthemoon. This was posted yesterday!

Ahh I booked it!

Well, after waiting a year for others to join me, I finally did it. I booked my trip to Europe….ALONE. I found an awesome deal leaving May 8 and the crazy in me said just do it… and I did! I feel exhilarated and sick all at once. 3 days to get a pack, and figure out what the hell I’m going to do. I’m meeting a friend who lives in Paris for a couple of days but after that… no plans. Purely impulsive… mental notes throughout the years but no set plan.

I leave May 8 and will be returning the the US on June 18. Flying out of Miami into Paris and then I opted to fly out of London back home. (It was $150 cheaper than round-trip and I figured I’d only spend about $100 going from Paris to London and capitalize on some time in London before I go for the same flight price)

I would like to see a bit of Italy in that time (Rome, Florence, Venice) and perhaps a bit of Spain. Any suggestions?

I must say reading about the solo travelers on here was a big motivator. This is an awesome forum!

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Congratulations for finally doing it, Bedtimeonthemoon! You’re an inspiration to all of us!

Of course, we wish you an absolutely awesome life-altering trip!

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