September 24, 2023

Introducing… Gap Year Diaries x Hostelworld Podcast

Stories have been passed between travellers for hundreds of years and, in our opinion, it’s one of the best ways to find out about all that the world has to offer. From lesser-known islands, to under-rated party spots, to awesome adrenaline adventures, some of the top experiences out there can come from friends’ recommendations.

Travel tales are traded over beers in hostel bars and swapped from top bunks to bottom bunks in dorms the world over, but what if you’re planning your next trip and are searching for inspiration from home?  Look no further.


Hostelworld x Gap Year Diaries podcast is here!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with the hosts at Gap Year Diaries podcast to bring some of the best travel stories, tips and tricks from the road to your very own headphones.

For the first 3 seasons of Gap Year Diaries, hosts Rachel and Emily have been reliving their own gap year in 2010, by re-reading and reflecting on the hilariously misguided blog diary they kept during their travels. Now, they want to open the floor, and have invited some of our customers to share their own stories in this special 6-part podcast series.

Each weekly episode will feature 2 interviews with Hostelworld travellers as they chat about everything from finding your feet when solo travelling to how to cope with travel disasters. Whether you’re looking for tips and advice for your next trip, or you’re feeling a twinge of travel nostalgia and want to reminisce, this is the perfect podcast for every explorer.

Here’s what you can expect to find in each episode:


Episode 1

In this episode, the hosts speak to author of You Are Where You Go, 24-year-old Caitlyn Lubas, about how she has managed to tick off visiting over 70 countries in just three years, and Amanda Day, about how she harnesses her interest in health and wellness to explore different cultures on a deeper level. We hear about setting foot in Antarctica, the world’s best walking tours, and an epic two-month camping trip around southern Africa, as well as top tips for orienting yourself and making the most of your time in a new destination


Episode 2

In this episode, the hosts speak to Drew Wilson about how throwing themselves into some truly extreme travel experiences has helped on their journey to overcoming anxiety, and Claire Scott, who is in the middle of her first Gap Year travelling the world at the age of 30. We hear about eating inkfish, sampling a silent meditation retreat in Japan and conquering the Inca Trail in Peru, as well as top tips and advice for those looking to max out on adventure.


Episode 3

In this episode, the hosts speak to Tom Ruck – a self-confessed accident prone traveller – about his catalogue of close calls, and Zorro – a seasoned traveller and hostel worker – about when things haven’t quite gone to plan for him during his four years on the road. We hear about vengeful rats, falling horribly ill in the Amazon rainforest and having to scale a glacier alone in the Himalayas, as well as top tips and advice for keeping a cool head when disaster strikes far from home.


Episode 4

In this episode, the hosts speak to travel newbie Andi Unceta Pereira about the power of romantic destinations, and James Rowbottom, about his dating life whilst living in Paris as a bisexual man. We hear about awkward Grindr encounters, unbelievable meet-cutes on public transport, and stunningly cinematic dates on Parisian balconies, as well as top tips and advice for finding love, or something like it, on the road.


Episode 5

In this episode, the hosts speak to Blake Freeman about how he seeks out the best parties whilst travelling, and Manu Cortes, about his greatest after-dark experiences in multiple different destinations. We hear about dancing ‘til dawn at a lake in Zagreb, Thailand’s famous nightlife and the many charms of a Mykonos party, as well as top tips and advice for creating an unforgettable night out around the world.


Episode 6

In this episode, the hosts speak to Kate Higham about meeting lifelong friends on her gap year, and travel introvert Debora Da Costa about her techniques for overcoming shyness in hostels. We hear about the LA skate community, blossoming hostel friendships and road-tripping with people you’ve never met, as well as top tips and advice for making new travel buddies.


Fancy a listen?

The first episode- ‘Finding your feet: exploring new destinations’- is available NOW on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you get your podcasts. Click below to listen, download and subscribe.

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