August 14, 2022

I love Spain

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image credit: Triciaward 

So of all the fun cultural exploits to be had on my trip, a personal favourite was purchasing a wineskin (a fine 1-liter marked “Las Tres Z.Z.Z. Pamplona) while in San Sebastian. The day I bought it, I had it filled with a fine 5-euro bottle of Rioja (you’ll never find a good five-dollar bottle of wine in the states, I’ll wager; this stuff was unbelievable) for our day-trip to Pamplona.

That night, I get back without having had a decent chance to take a rip from the ‘skin. I’m at a local bar/pub/cafe, and when I say local, I mean it was really for locals, when a friend reminds me of the skin.

So I take it out, hold it at arm’s length, and take one gigantic draw of some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted. A couple of passersby see me do this and laugh and applaud. This gets us all riled up to be hte cool, culturally open guys we are, taking drinks with the skin held out as far as possible.

Now, it goes without saying that guys are stupid, and that American high school guys in a country with a drinking age that was rarely enforced (and already lower than our own ages) are bound to be stupid. I’d had a fair bit to drink that night already. So I raise my arms, pose like the almighty Dionysius that I am, stretching my arms out for all they’re worth, and squeeze the skin with the grip of a young boy confident that his hubris will be repaid in full by the amazing accomplishment of being able to swallow liquid.

It goes everywhere except my mouth.My shirt was messed up, my contacts hurt like hell, I felt icky all over, and everybody who saw seemed to be laughing. Moral of the story: make sure you’ve got enough wine left in there to get a stream instead of a spray. Or maybe the moral of the story is that the Basques rule. In either case, hubris sucks.

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