May 24, 2024

How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (3 of 5)

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3. Research intensely.

Your mind is one of the most powerful things in the universe. It can make you do anything you want, if you train it to.

If you truly believe that you deserve to take a life altering backpacking trip, you’ve absolutely made the commitment to a departure date (or time frame), and you’ve made a decision to take proactive steps each day to achieve your goals, then the only thing that will stop you from going on your trip, is you.

So between now and the day you leave, one key element that you must do in order to maximize your trip, is research.

The more and more research you do, the better idea you will have on what countries, cities, things you can do, and places you can visit, within the time frame that you are planning to travel.

In the old days, one had to go to the library and check out books on different countries, head to the nearest book store and magazine stand, or read the travel section of the Sundays newspaper.

Today, one simply has to just Google the places they want to visit and a plethora of results will come up.

The web is truly your best friend for research and inspiration.

And researching doesn’t just mean reading up on countries. It also means asking questions. Lot’s of them.

It’s no secret that the more questions you ask, the more interested you are.

Where would one ask questions? Travel message boards, like our world famous message boards (shameless plug) are probably the best place to ask your questions as they’ll be answered by real backpackers with real experience and tips that work.

If you keep feeding your mind images and information on your travel goals, you will naturally keep thinking about your trip.

Remember this golden nugget- “What you focus on, expands.”

This powerful phrase applies to everything in life, but for now, we’ll utilize it for our travel goals.

Researching constantly will also keep your travel goals fresh in your mind, which will keep you inspired and motivated throughout this period of preparation.

Your travel dreams will expand and the more you absorb, the more invicible you will feel.
Nothing, will stop you from executing your travel goals, but you. And you’re not going to let yourself down, right?

What are the best forms of research for you?

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