May 24, 2024

How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (1 of 5)

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It’s important to just get out there and do it. That’s the kind of mentality that you need to really accomplish any goals you have.

There are two kinds of people, dreamers and doers. Dreamers just dream. Do’ers dream AND take action.

The world is way too beautiful and the journey to discover it all is priceless and can be tremendously life altering, if you let it. Those reasons alone should be motivating enough to get you out of your comfy little cubicle.

Think about it this way, if work is what is holding you back, your boss doesn’t make your dreams happen, your boss just simply rewards your hours for dollars…which you will most likely mis-manage anyways and will have to struggle all over again until your next payday.

The cycle will continue over and over and over and over until you wake up one day, get serious, and DECIDE to be a player in the game instead of just sitting on the sidelines!

Same goes for students, only your bosses are teachers and your hours are traded for…dreams. I’m definitely not saying that you need to skip school. I am saying that you should learn to maximize your extended school breaks and summers for some serious first hand cultural education.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Bringing your trip to reality will happen in stages. A nice quote that I picked up a couple of yers ago that has helped me tremendously is “By the inch it’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard.”

Most people think they have to do everything at once to accomplish whatever they set out to do. This is a recipe for failure because it overwhelms your mind causing you to take no action.

By breaking down the process into steps that you can follow and relate to, your chances for success will improve tremendously.

Take these 5 proactive steps that will enable you to finally get yo ass in the game.

1. Start with a plan…and commit to it. As I mentioned in the first part of our “12 Things that Backpackers Need to do Before going to Europe,” you must start with a plan. Theres a good old saying that goes “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A simple half page outline will do.

The plan will cover general things like

Time of year– Summer break
Time frame– 5 weeks, 35 days
Budget– $3,500 (After plane fare, and Eurail pass)
Travel solo? Yes/No (circle one)
Travel buddy? If yes- who? (if they end up not being able to go. No problem! Go solo!)
Number of countries– 5 (insert your own number)
Top Countries for this tripItaly, Hungary, France, Spain, The Czech Republic
Objective– To exeperience other cultures, to make friends around the world, to hone in on your survival skills, to enlighten your soul on how beautiful this world AND this life is, to taste new foods, to break your walls down and force yourself to speak with other people, to party like a rockstar, to meet the love of your life, to relax and not spend one iota thinking about work/school/or other issues back home, etc….

There is no wrong answer on your objective, but it’s great to have a target to shoot for.

You WILL expound on your basic plan as you dig deeper into your research and your ideas evolve as to how you want your trip to turn out.

Planning your trip is a proactive action step that will bring your travel goals one step closer to fruition.

This is just a general outline, you will need to get specific, but right now it’s important to just get your creative juices flowing and your adrenaline pumping by putting something down on paper that will allow you to GET IN THE GAME!

What are your tips for planning?

P.S. Please be sure to come back to read part 2!

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2 thoughts on “How to Bring Your Travel Dreams to Reality. 5 Steps to Get in the Game (1 of 5)

  1. I’ve found the single best thing to help prepare for traveling is to get the flight tickets as soon as possible, not only is it cheaper (normally) but once you have it booked you are faced with a much more real prospect that forces you to continue to take real action when it comes to saving money so as to avoid peril down the line.

  2. That’s definitely a serious booster to those who have already made the mental commitment to going, but just have to work out the logistics. Buying the ticket certainly helped me!
    It is actually the dreamers, though, or people who waffle with the idea of backpacking that are having trouble pulling the trigger for one reason or another. Work, school, no money, yada, yada, yada…
    They seem to need a different angle on how to tackle their dreams.
    Thanks for you input!

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