July 22, 2024

How social media provides comfort for solo female travellers

There is a wealth of information online about travel, from unique hostels in Mexico, to must-see night markets in Thailand. However, sometimes, social content focused on travel doesn’t always apply to everyone. Despite that, sometimes the information can feel impersonal and may not always be helpful for a specific audience.

This is where networks and social content geared towards solo female travellers come in. Travelling solo comes with a unique set of experiences, skills, and questions — especially for women. With the rise in women travelling solo, so has the number of resources and networks focused on them.

Social content and online networks have inadvertently created communities for women to easily share experiences and explore their curiosity without judgement. Having communities and support networks that capture the female experience is so important, especially when abroad. Sharing mutual experiences with others who can relate and support creates a sense of ease and comfort among solo female travellers.


How Social Media Creates an Inclusive Community

Social networks, like Facebook, have numerous groups for women travelling on their own. If you’re a woman about to embark on your first solo trip, Facebook will likely be one of your most-used apps. The Solo Female Traveler group and Solo Female Traveler Network have over 700,000 members between the two of them, where they share resources, tips, guidance, and experiences.

Posting in these groups doesn’t always have to be formal or about a huge topic — it can be about anything that pertains to the female experience while travelling abroad. Maybe you’ve had a bad airport experience, maybe you want to tell someone about a spontaneous date you went on in Lisbon, or maybe you’re curious about what luggage some travellers use and if that trendy new brand is really worth splurging on. It can be anything, and the women in these groups will be supportive.

For those who aren’t avid Facebook users, the community of solo female travellers exists in other social media apps. Instagram and TikTok are full of women travelling solo and sharing their resources and experiences online. While this type of content has a broader reach and isn’t posted exclusively in a group, it still allows for engagement among solo female travellers in the comment section. Let’s be real — if a creator shares a Reel about “going on a date as a solo female traveller,” it’s unlikely that any other type of traveller will comment or engage. Not only do other solo female travellers relate to this type of content, but they value it; it’s useful information.


The Importance of an Online Community for Solo Female Travellers

Creating an inclusive and positive community on social media for solo female travellers is essential. Women who travel on their own pride themselves on being solo — and for good reason! It’s a vast, daunting world, and travelling solo is intimidating, and in a way, it’s sometimes stigmatised.

Sharing experiences as a solo female traveller on social media for a general audience, through Reels or TikTok, completely normalises women travelling solo. Sharing these experiences is not only important for keeping the community alive and vibrant but also for making it bigger and continuing to normalise solo female travellers.

Creators and social networks have emphasised the importance of safety for solo female travellers. Some TikTok creators have been sharing content about places they’ve been and how they rate it based on how safe they felt walking alone at night. Or, some may share proactive safety tips, like taking pictures of a taxi licence plate. These are things that I, or others, may not think of but could make a world of difference. Something like this is so specific and unique to solo female travellers, and providing this information is integral in keeping the community alive and encouraging others to travel.

While most content from creators and in these groups is focused on safety tips, a lot of it also serves as an inspiration to travel. Many content creators have shared how they dealt with their first solo trip, such as how they overcame anxiety and what they did during the day. For instance, many creators share their experience about dining alone for the first time — how it’s fine in some places, but in some cities, it’s hard to find a table for one.

Others share how easy it is to find friends in hostels or packing essentials that first-time travellers might not think of. These groups and communities are meant to empower and inspire women to travel and to ease their anxieties about travelling solo, regardless of age, location, job, or interests.

Overall, solo female travellers emphasise the importance of being solo. But, with social media, they are never truly alone. It’s important not to underestimate the power of collective experiences. There are women out there who may have similar experiences — good or bad — and are willing to support others when necessary. Having a solid support system is essential when travelling solo.

With information being just a click away, not only does it improve the travel experience, but it also helps women be more in control of their surroundings. They know what areas to avoid, how to navigate different countries and cultures, and common scams to look out for. With these groups and creators sharing endless information, trip inspiration, and how-to’s, staying safe has never been more accessible.


Using Social Media to Your Advantage

For women who need a refresher on solo travel or for those who want to start, use social media to your advantage. If you aren’t sure where to start or want to inquire about a specific location, use social media. Join a Facebook group, follow a content creator, or engage in the comments.

While every experience is unique to our individual selves, solo female travellers have a lot in common, especially in regard to safety, dating, and the overall ‘feel’ of a place. These groups and creators also have amazing tips for what to look for in a hotel or hostel. For example, check if a hostel has a female-only dorm, ensuite bathrooms, and security levels. To go one step further, look up women-only hostels, like Arya Wellness in Bali, a hostel catered towards women and wellness.

Being involved in these vibrant communities for solo female travellers only comes with benefits. You’ll gain travel inspiration, meet new people, learn about budgeting, and realise that there are others with similar experiences out there. Bon voyage!



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