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Hostel love stories: 5 couples who fell in love while travelling

Some say that love is in the air, we say that love is in the hostel! And while we’re all besotted with travelling, some backpackers manage to catch more than their flight. You never know where your soulmate is waiting for you… they might be next door or on the other side of the world!

We don’t just assume that hostels are where the magic happens – we have proof! 5 amazing couples from all over the globe shared their amazing hostel love stories with us and how they found love while travelling.

So keep on reading to find out how they met, where their journey took them and what they’re doing now. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1. Ashleigh and Sean (Australia)

hostel love stories - Ashleigh and Sean (Australia) - beach huts

You know those unrealistic rom-com scenarios where two people meet in a lift and just happen to fall in love? Well, this actually happened for Ashleigh and Sean, two years ago at Wombat’s Hostel Vienna. They started talking and quickly realised that they were both from Melbourne and lived only 20 minutes apart back home – what are the chances?!

Fast forward to the next morning and they were sitting together on an eight-hour bus journey, chatting the whole way and keeping awake Ashleigh’s poor sister who just wanted to nap. Third wheel problems, we feel you! After three days partying and seeing the sights of Krakow, it was time to part ways.

“We kept in touch for the next 2 months until we both returned home to Australia, where we caught up again and fell in love. Now 2.5 years on we’ve travelled to 16 more countries together!” – Sean

?Sean and Ashleigh’s favourite travel memories:

Bungee jumping in Costa Rica, scuba diving (and underwater arguing) in Thailand and finding a deserted sand bar in The Philippines.

hostel love stories - white temple

? For serious couple goals and amazing travel pictures, check out their Instagram: @_ashleighbanks & @sean.slorach

Find your perfect match at Wombat’s Hostel Vienna

2. Sandra (Netherlands) and Jamie (UK) – Base Backpacker’s Brisbane

hostel love stories - Sandra (Netherlands) and Jamie (UK)

From being broke in Australia to getting engaged in the Maldives, Sandra and Jamie prove that romance can blossom from the unluckiest situations. The two travellers from Europe bumped into each other in a bar at the other end of the world when they were backpacking in 2011.

Sandra is from the Netherlands and Jamie from the UK, but their paths crossed in the Down Under bar of BASE backpacker’s Brisbane hostel, where they both found themselves out of luck. Jamie had had some money stolen from his card and Sandra was all out of cash and preparing to return home. Jamie already worked there, and Sandra got a job after confiding in the DJ about her money worries – he luckily wasn’t only fulfilling song requests that night but also giving job offers!

The hostel became their life (and wallet) saver, home and eventually the place they fell in love. The two travellers have been dating for 7 years, have visited 30 countries together and lived in 4  – we take our sun hats off to them!

More recently, Sandra and Jamie got engaged on a private beach in (warning: extreme romance) the Maldives, before dining under the stars. We file this under ‘serious-travel-couple-goals’.

?Sandra and Jamie’s favourite travel memory:

“Living in Vietnam… Our time there allowed us to truly immerse ourselves in the culture and uniqueness of the country, while its proximity to the rest of Asia allowed us to continue our passion for travel in a unique part of the globe.” – Sandra  

hostel love stories - girl and island

?To keep up with this globe-trotting couple, follow them on Instagram: @cakestravels & @a_gingerabroad

Get ready for love at Base Brisbane Uptown

3. Mara and Chris (US) – USA Hostels Ocean Beach

hostel love stories - USA Hostels Ocean Beach

Why use dating apps when you can work as a receptionist at USA Hostels Ocean Beach in San Diego, California? This place has turned many solo travellers into happy couples – it must be the social atmosphere and peace ’n’ love vibes! Chris and Mara’s love story started when they worked together and became close friends, before dating for 6 months. But as often happens with world travellers, their paths changed when Chris left to work at a hostel in Sri Lanka and Mara had to stay in San Diego for a little longer.

Don’t worry guys, their story doesn’t end here! As Mara says; when you meet another wandering soul you understand why they feel the need to keep moving and you would never stand in the way of that!Being a fellow free spirit, she flew out to Sri Lanka a year later and they travelled together for two months! They found jobs in Taipei and spend their spare time chasing waves in surf hostels around Asia. When we asked them what’s to come, their answer was just as laid back as their story:

“What’s next? Not sure… but I am beyond grateful to have found someone to share these memories with and someone who perfectly complements my wandering soul. Can’t wait to see where the wind takes us next!” – Mara

hostel love stories - couple and sea

?Mara and Chris’ favourite travel memory:

“One of my favourite memories was in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, when the family we rented a room from invited us to a birthday party. On the roof we danced to Shakira and sang “Happy Birthday” while his friends smashed cake in his face ? Later, they invited us to celebrate his sister’s birthday and we got to meet the rest of the family!”

?You can follow Mara and Chris’ amazing journey on Instagram: @mermara1502 & @blank.blank.2988

Feel the peace ‘n’ love at USA Hostels Ocean Beach

4. Danae (Chile) and Frederico (Argentina) – X Base Hostel Auckland

hostel love stories - couple peace sign - mountains

Two South American backpackers, Danae from Chile and Frederico from Argentina, were brought together by fate in the form of a mutual friend’s birthday party in Auckland, New Zealand. They realised they both happened to be staying at X Base Hostel, which is where their travel romance began!

They became friends and decided to take a trip through the North Island. As soon as they returned they rented their first flat together – no ‘taking things slow’ for these guys!

“We’ve been together for 3 years now and we’ve visited New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, Italy, England and The Netherlands, where we’re currently living.” – Danae

?Danae and Frederico’s favourite travel memory:

Danae says her favourite travel memory is watching the sunset together from the top of a mountain in Koh Phi Phi with an ice cream in hand. Sweet in more ways than one! ?

?For more sweetness, follow Danae on Instagram: @_danaecastro

Let the magic happen at BASE Auckland

5. Madeleine (Austria) and Nicolas (Colombia) – Maroochydore, Australia

hostel love stories - selfie

Madeleine loves travelling for all it’s given her – including a boyfriend from Colombia! She left Austria to discover beautiful Australia in September 2017, where she met Nicolas in a city called Maroochydore. They both attended a language class and – with the help of a matchmaking friend – started dating while hostel-hopping around Australia’s east coast together.

Two long flights and one amazing time later, both returned home to finish their studies – adult life, why are you like this? They don’t let this get in the way though, and still see each other as much as they can thanks to a shared love of adventures. Meeting each other led to a trip to France, Poland and Austria as well as to Frederico’s home of Colombia, where they visited Santa Marta, Bogota and Tayrona National Park. Madeleine is now planning a move to Colombia… okay, we’re slightly jealous. It just goes to show that a hostel love-story can end up anywhere!

?Madeleine and Nicolas’ favourite travel memory:

“My favourite travel memory with Nicolas was camping in Parque de Tayrona, Colombia. We stayed for about 4 days sleeping every night in hammocks under the stars, it was amazing. I felt so far away from reality. One day we rode 3 hours on horses to another campsite, where we drank out of coconuts and ate mangos which we found. We saw monkeys and an alligator while hiking through the rainforest… it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

?What will happen in the future? Follow their journey on Instagram: @madeleinemayerhofer & @juncocalvo

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? Did you find love in a hostel (or fall in love WITH a hostel)? Let us know all about it in the comments. <3 ?

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