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Here’s what a beer will cost you in these 10 cities across the world

For many thirsty backpackers, the price of a beer is as important a factor in choosing a city break as the sightseeing spots and the city itself! In fact, is there any situation more satisfying than arriving in a new city, dropping your bags at your hostel, and heading out to the streets in search of that precious, golden liquid? Finding an authentic town square and basking in the sun, a glass of the local brewski in hand, and planning out your trip is one of life’s most glorious moments… (and I’ll fight anyone who tries to say otherwise!) 

But just how much does a pint of beer cost you? How much will a pint of the world’s fourth most popular beverage* set you back on your upcoming travels? From Berlin to Belize, here’s how much cracking open a cold one costs in the top 10 beer-drinking nations on the globe**.

*water, coffee and tea take the podium positions… fair enough.

**beer consumption data is per capita and courtesy of research by Kirin (incidentally not a bad beer!)

10. Bra?ov, Romania

Cheers! = Noroc!

Romania’s Transylvania region, best known as the birthplace of bloodthirsty Dracula (aka real-life ruler Vlad the Impaler), is also home to medieval city Bra?ov, where you can buy beer (not blood) for the following prices:

Average: 8 lei = $2

Bargain: 6 lei = $1.50

Fancy: 15 lei = $3.80

Local tipple: Palinc? – a fiery 45% ABV brandy made with plums

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How much is a pint in Brasov

9. Caye Caulker, Belize

Cheers! / ¡Salud!

Okay, so Caye Caulker is actually a tiny Belizean island and not a city. Nevertheless, it often takes the top spot amongst travellers in the know. Less commercialised than its mainland counterparts, Caye Caulker is famed for its chilled vibes, where there are beachside BBQs, golf carts instead of cars and breathtaking views.

Average: 6 BZD = $3

Bargain: 4 BZD = $2

Fancy: 8 BZD = $4

Local tipple: Rum punch

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how much is a pint in Belize

8. Vilnius, Lithuania

Cheers! = ? sveikat?!

Lithuania’s capital is regarded as one of the cheapest European city break destinations worth ticking off your bucket list, combining Gothic architecture and its medieval old town with incredible (legalised) street art and a trendy café culture.

Average: €3 = $3.60

Bargain: €2 = $2.35

Fancy: €3.50 = $4.15

Local tipple: Beer! Try a traditional, Lithuanian farmhouse ale in any of Vilnius’s bars.

Hostels in Vilnius

How much is a pint in Vilnius

7. Dublin, Ireland

Cheers! / Sláinte!

The land of Guinness and whiskey is notoriously tough on the wallet on a night-out. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop locals and tourists alike enjoying a thriving nightlife in the central Temple Bar district.

Average: €5 = $6

Bargain: €3.50 = $4.15

Fancy: €7 = $8.30

Local tipple: Discover the history behind Ireland’s most-loved exports with a tour of the Jamesons or Guinness factory.

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How much is a pint in Dublin


6. Kraków, Poland

Cheers! = Na zdrowie!

Pretty Kraków is crammed with outside cafés, bars and restaurants, lined up around the perimeter of the bustling Main Market Square. Unwind with a glass (or two) of the good stuff amid the perfect people-watching scene, as street performers, market goers and fellow tourists pass you by.

Average: 8 z? = $2.20

Bargain: 6 z? = $1.70

Fancy: 15 z? = $4.15

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how much is a pint in Krakow

? @s_mamlina

5. Windhoek, Namibia

Cheers! = Gesondheid!

Probably due to 17th century German colonists, #5 on Kirin’s top 10 beer-drinking nations is Namibia, with Namibians reportedly consuming 102.7 litres per capita of beer each year, just behind Germany’s 104.7! The country’s capital, Windhoek, boasts an array of craft beer markets and beer houses to quench your thirst before you embark on your travels around this vast and beautiful country.

Average: 21 N$ = $1.70

Bargain: 15 N$ = $1.20

Fancy: 27 N$ = $2.15

Local tipple: An ice-cold Windhoek lager!

Hostels in Windhoek

4. Berlin, Germany

Cheers! = Prost!

Steeped in history but also boasting the trendiest nightlife scene in Europe, cool off from a Berlin walking tour with a refreshing stein of beer – try Eschenbräu for an authentic Bavarian style beer garden… and a pretzel!

Average: €3.50 = $4.15

Bargain: €2.50 = $3

Fancy: €4.50 =$5.35

Local tipple: Schnaps in summer or Glühwein in winter

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how much is a pint in Berlin


3. Vienna, Austria

Cheers! = Prost!

Beautiful Vienna with its grand palaces and pretty parks provides a spectacular backdrop for a beer or two! Between the beers, find time to appreciate the unrivalled art scene in this great city with a trip to the Museumquartier.

Average: €3.75 = $4.45

Bargain: €3 = $3.60

Fancy: €5 = $6

Local tipple: Vienna enjoys the accolade of the world’s largest wine-growing capital city – so hit up a vineyard for some Austrian vino!

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how much is a pint in Vienna

2. Mahé, Seychelles

Cheers! / Santé!

A surprise entry at #2, beating out almost all the competition, is the Seychelles. Perhaps thanks to the throngs of boozy honeymooners and holidaymakers, the Seychelles consume 114.6 litres per capita of beer every year. Head to the beautiful island of Mahé to relax and unwind on its divine beaches. Perfect spot for a pint!

Average: 50 Rs = $3.75

Bargain:20 Rs = $1.50

Fancy: 100 Rs = $7.50

Local tipple: Sample beloved local beer Seybrew – it will not be hard to come by!

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how much is a pint in Mahe

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Cheers! = Na zdraví!

Knocking back 142.4 litres per person per year, the Czech Republic takes home the crown for national beer guzzling. It probably doesn’t hurt that the Czechs enjoy the second cheapest beer in the world (after Bulgaria). For Europe’s best beer and beautiful baroque buildings, lose yourself amongst Prague’s beautiful streets by day and experience its infamously wild nightlife after dark.

Average: 35 kc = $1.60

Bargain: 20 kc = $0.95

Fancy: 85 kc = $4

Local tipple: You can try local herbal liqueur Becherovka for an alternative taste of the Czech Republic, but frankly, and in the presence of what is largely agreed to be the best beer in the world, you’re better off sticking with beer…

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How much is a pint in Prague

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So, there you have it. The ultimate lowdown on beverage prices in the most beer-lovin’ destinations in the world, featuring some unexpected locations and some surprising price tags.

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