April 17, 2024

Forum Topics: BritRail, Eurail

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Roughly this time next year I’m heading to Europe (obviously ). I think I have the basics of everything covered, except for this whole Eurail concept, like a lot of people seem to be having.

My trip will last five to maybe six months, and I know the Eurail connects to almost every country save for a whole ten or so.

Now would the wise thing to do, is get the Global Pass connecting twenty countries unlimited for three months and then a two-month pass after that? Or go about it a different way? Like flying to some places or bussing it like previously stated in different topics?

Then you have the BritRail which covers all if not most of Britain right? On top of that, for countries like the Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus and Russia, what is the best/cheapest way to get around? Do they have some sort of train system as well?

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