July 22, 2024

Forum Topics: 14 days for 1st time Eurotripper!

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posted by: joe7f

Hey guys and gals,

Two friends of mine from back home are coming to visit me in Europe. They are really excited but price is a huge concern for them. I am recommending the following route (they also want to stay with my sister (pugkeys) and me the entire time so we don´t have much wiggle room–and their father was not happy about allowing them to stay out of the country “so long” when the trip was 10 days. 14 is an unfortunate, to me rather arbitrary, rule for two people that are 25 and 19, but alas some travel is better than none).

Arrival in Munich
1 Munich (Schlöss/Neuscwanstein)
2 Munich (Dachau?)
3 Munich city center tour
-Night train to Venice-
4 Venice
5 Venice
-(Night?)Train to Ljubiana-
6 Ljubliana
7 Ljubliana
8 Ljubliana
9 ?
10 ?
11 ?
12 Budapest
13 Budapest
14 Budapest depart for Tampa

I dont know what to do with days 9-11. My thoughts are that I can

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