May 8, 2021

Films that Inspire You Travel

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If you’re planning on hitting the road to satisfy your wander lust, you’ve most likely got your radar on to any and all things around you that will keep you pumped and inspired to stay focus on your travel goals.

Aside from surfing the ocean of travel related internet sites and the countless updated versions of the Lonely Planet and Rick Steves guide books, then next obvious answer is movies.

Therein lies the question: “What are the films that inspire you to travel?”

One of our TravelPUNK community members, AKguacamole, started a thread on this very subject.

She asks:

” While I’m trying to figure out which part of the world is calling me next, I love any sort of inspiration. There are so many great films out there that can inspire us, and I would like to see more!
What are some truly awesome travel movies?

I was inspired by, the classic movie of course, The Beach, and more recently the Darjeeling Limited has moved to the top of my list. “

There are some good films listed in response to this thread so click here to read them!

So what films inspire you to travel? Please add your comments here or register for free on our message boards to reply!

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