August 14, 2022

Easy On The Bling…

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This may be a no brainer, but please leave the bling at home. Whether it’s the Rolex your dad gave you, the diamond earrings, the phat engagement ring, the gold necklace, the money clip…anything shiny will draw attention and bling in the sun should be left at home.

Walking around with more jewelry than Mr T and Fiddy Cent is asking for trouble. You might as well paint a big red circle on your forehead with a red dot in the middle, because that’s what you’ll look like to the local garden variety thieves…a target.


You are already are target by being a traveler/tourist. It’s all the same to locals. All they know is that you had thousands of dollars to get from where you’re from to their turf, so you must have some trave cash on hand or more importantly, credit cards for emergencies. Your passport will provide the biggest payday for thieves in the underground market, so if they can get their dirty little paws on that, they’re heading off on a one way ticket to Disneyland…the tourist mecca.

Adding some bling to the mix and you’ll be the hunted.

Instead, opt for the cheap rubber Timex watch or something similair. You can take showers with those and bang it up all you want and they will still do the job, as well as keep you off the thief radar.

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