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Crossing Portugal: The Ultimate Hostel Guide

Have you noticed everyone is going to Portugal right now? It’s definitely having a moment! Filled with amazing beaches, captivating history, delicious food, lively nightlife and sun-soaked days – all at an affordable price. Give us one reason why we shouldn’t go? The list could go on forever, but you get the idea that Portugal has a lot to offer to every kind of traveller. We’ve selected the best places to stay all around the country, so you can meet the coolest people and enjoy the most amazing hostels, without hours of tireless planning. So, book your ticket and don’t worry about deciding where to stay – we’ve got your back! Here are the best hostels in Portugal!

Porto and North

Porto: PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

Pilot Design Hostel and Bar has been voted the ‘Most Popular Hostel in Porto’ for the last two years. Offering a wide range of tours, including surfing tours for those who are chasing the waves (you can even rent a surf board if yours didn’t fit in your backpack!) The pilot is a mix of design, chill vibes and laidback atmosphere with its 24h bar and lounge. Best of all, it’s right in the centre of Porto, with historic monuments and buzzy nightlife all within a two minute walk.

Best hostels in Portugal - PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

? Address: Largo Alberto Pimentel, 11

? Coolest features: 24h bar and lounge, terrace, bike and surf board rent, city tours, hostel App with info from the hostel and maps of the city

? Prices: from €11.88 / £10.48

? Book Pilot Design Hostel and Bar here

Porto: Yes! Porto Hostel

Yes! Porto Hostel is the best choice if you want to connect with other people. Not only are the staff super friendly, but the events, parties and dinners organised by the hostel are a great way to meet fellow travellers. The hostel has the perfect location, right next to Clérigos Tower and within a ?ve minute walk to Palácio da Bolsa and the river. Sounds like you’ve found the perfect spot for your Porto trip, doesn’t it?

Best hostels in Portugal - Yes! Porto Hostel

Yes! Porto Hostel lounge

? Address: Rua Arquitecto Nicolau Nasoni, 31

? Coolest features: Friendly environment, hostel activities everyday, perfect location

? Prices: from  €15.00 / £13.23

? Book Yes! Porto Hostel here

Porto: Porto Spot Hostel

How about spending your days in Porto in a beautifully renovated building from the 30’s, designed by a famous Portuguese architect? Not only that, Porto Spot Hostel offers a home-like vibe while still having sociable events, parties and al fresco dinners.

Best hostels in Portugal - Porto Spot Hostel

Porto Spot Hostel bar

? Address: Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão, 12

? Coolest features: Traditional Portuguese building from the 30’s, beautiful design, daily dinners, friendly staff

? Prices: from €18.00 / £15.88

? Book The Porto Spot Hostel

Braga: JustGo Hostel

What do you get when you combine a bit of rustic charm with striking, modern design? Braga JustGo Hostel, duh! The decoration of the whole building is simply stunning (and totally Instagram approved!). Located in the main avenue, you are spoilt with a panoramic view of the city from the common area of the hostel.  If you’re looking for a little more privacy, you can score a balcony with the same amazing view in the Deluxe Twin rooms.

Best hostels in Portugal - JustGo Hostel

? Address: Avenida da Liberdade, 546

? Coolest features: Beautiful decoration, panoramic view, curtains and reading lights in all beds

? Prices: from €14.00 / £12.35

? Book JustGo Hostel here


Coimbra: Serenata Hostel Coimbra

Coimbra is a city that lives and breathe its history. Sharing the same love for bygone eras, Serenata Hostel Coimbra is housed in the restored former Music Conservatory of Coimbra. In keeping with its creative heritage, there is an array of sketches, wall murals and decorative musical instruments. Plus, it’s situated right in the heart of the city.

Best hostels in portugal - Serenata Hostel Coimbra

Serenata Hostel Coimbra bedroom

? Address: Largo da Sé Velha, 21/23

? Coolest features: Beautiful historic building, social dinners and pub-crawls, perfect location, breakfast, karaoke and games, bar, covered and outdoor terrace

? Prices: from €15.00 / £13.23

? Book Serenata Hostel Coimbra here

Leiria: Most Art Boutique Hostel

The Most Art Boutique Hostel sits in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of Leiria, exceptionally suited for art and culture lovers. Get a healthy dose of creativity from the hostel, as the walls are adorned by the works of local artists.

Best hostels in Portugal - Most Art Boutique Hostel

Most Art Boutique Hostel patio

? Address: Largo Infantaria 7, 11A

? Coolest features: Outdoor patio, friendly staff, art on display in the hostel

? Prices: from €18.00 / £15.44

? Book Most Art Boutique here

Aveiro: Aveiro Rossio Hostel

Ah, Aveiro… The Venice of Portugal! This beautiful city deserves an exquisite hostel, but the Aveiro Rossio Hostel proves beauty is not just skin deep. It has a strong eco-friendly ethos, using solar panels to heat the water and decorating the homely hostel with recycled furniture.

Best hostels in portugal - Aveiro Rossio Hostel


? Address: R. João Afonso de Aveiro,1

? Coolest features: outdoor area, eco-friendly, perfect location, free breakfast

? Prices: from €15.00 / £14.41

? Book Aveiro Rossio Hostel here

Serra da Estrela: HI – Serra da Estrela

The HI is the of?cial meeting point for those who want to enjoy the exhilarating landscapes of Serra da Estrela. Located in the middle of the reserve, you can enjoy the amazing views or chill out playing pool in the game room while meeting other travellers.

Best hostels in Portugal - HI - Serra da Estrela

HI - Serra da Estrela bedroom


? Address: Penhas da Saude, Apartado 615, S.Lázaro

? Coolest features: Social environment, game room, spectacular views, free breakfast

? Prices: from €11.55 / £8.82

? Book HI – Serra da Estrela here


Évora: Hostel Namaste

Sit back, relax and enjoy the good vibes. The Hostel Namaste will welcome you like you’re arriving home. This hostel has a garden, a terrace and a fully equipped kitchen for culinary wizards.  If your cooking skills are more burnt toast, than fire then you can order a healthy, locally-produced meal straight from the hostels kitchen. Carpe diem!

Best hostels in Portugal - Hostel Namaste

? Address: Largo Doutor Manuel Alves Branco, 12

? Coolest features: Homely vibes, two outdoor spaces, fully equipped kitchen, healthy and alternative pre-ordered meals

? Prices: from €15.00 / £14.11

? Book Hostel Namaste here

Santarém: N1 Hostel Apartment and Suites

Right in the centre of Santarém you will ?nd the newest hostel in town. Built from scratch with an industrial and minimalistic aesthetic, N1 Hostel Apartment and Suites is Insta-ready #nofilter. The hostel also offers free breakfast, electronic locks and a beautiful outside area for you to kick back with new friends.

Best hostels in Pprtugal - N1 Hostel Apartment and Suites

N1 Hostel Apartment and Suites - bedroom

? Address: Av. dos Combatentes, 80

? Coolest features: Beautiful decoration, outdoor area, free breakfast, electronic locks

? Prices: from €17.50 / £15.44

? Book N1 Hostel Apartment and Suites here


Faro: Casa D’Alagoa

Casa D’Alagoa boasts a reputation for having one of the most welcoming atmospheres, guaranteed to make you feel right at home.  The picturesque townhouse in the centre of Faro and regularly hosts legendary Sangria & BBQ nights, where the food is prepared by a top chef. Keep your eyes peeled and you might pick up some tips!

best hostels in Portugal - Casa D’Alagoa

Casa D’Alagoa garden

? Address: Praça Alexandre Herculano, 27

? Coolest features: Meals prepared by a chef on site, friendly staff, outdoor area, big custom beds

? Prices: from €16.00 / £14.11

? Book Casa D’Alagoa here

Lagos: Sol a Sol Hostel

Ready for beach parties and BBQ’s? At Sol a Sol Hostel you can have both! There’s a huge terrace with 360° city view, so you know the sunset snaps will be incredible! Keep busy and book trips to the Benagil Cave, bike tours and dolphin watching.

Best hostels in Portugal - Sol a Sol Hostel

? Address: Rua Lancarote de Freitas, 22

? Coolest features: Huge terrace with view of the city and sea, hostel activities, free breakfast, social atmosphere

? Prices: from €15.00 / £13.23

? Book Sol a Sol Hostel here

Albufeira: Casa dos Arcos – Boutique Hostel and Suites

We know you deserve a place among the nobles, so this Boutique Hostel is the dream fit. Housed in an 18th century palace that used to belong to a family of viscounts, the original decoration has been expertly preserved so you kind of feel like you’re travelling back in time. Step out of the hostel and you’ll be thrown into the heart of the old town in Albufeira, next to all the bustling restaurants and bars. The beach is only a minute away too!

Best hostels in Portugal - Casa dos Arcos

? Adress: Rua 5 de Outubro, 61

? Coolest features: Original decoration in a palace of the 18th century, perfect location, garden bar, free breakfast, private bathroom in every room

? Prices: from €17.00 / £15.00

? Book Casa dos Arcos – Boutique Hostel and Suites here

Sagres: GoodFeeling

The GoodFeeling is the ideal starting point to get to know the beaches around Sagres. The hostel is in fact located Raposeira, 10km away from Sagres. Seems far? No worries, every day the staff takes the guests to the beaches in troop of free vans. The hostel also offers stand up paddle boarding trips, sur?ng lessons and yoga classes, so there’s always something to do. After a hard day on the water (or lazing on the beach, we won’t judge) there’s a beautiful terrace with hammocks, a BBQ area and a bar serving up best mojitos.

Best hostels in Portugal - GoodFeeling

? Address: Sitio Eiras de Cima – Raposeira

? Coolest features: Wide range of activities, free beach transfers, beach-volleyball court, surf rental, bar and restaurant on site

? Prices: from €15.00 /  £13.23

? Book GoodFeeling here

Lisbon and Tagus Valley

Lisbon: Sunset Destination Hostel

Picture this: you take a leisurely stroll around the city, take a dip in a swimming pool overlooking the Tejo River, then head to the terrace to catch the sunset while you enjoy a complimentary drink. Pinch us, we must be dreaming! The Sunset Destination Hostel also organises exciting activities every day, has a chef who cooks up a storm and an urban garden that you can plant shrubs in. Not forgetting its super-cute decor and central location, we think it’s love at first sight.Best hostels in Portugal - Sunset Destination Hostel

Sunset Destination Hostel zebra

? Address: Cais Sodre Station, Largo Duque de Terceira

? Coolest features: Swimming pool, terrace bar, free breakfast, free drink during sunset

? Prices: from €10.99 / £9.69

? Book Sunset Destination Hostel here

Lisbon: Goodmorning Lisbon

Awarded third Best Worldwide Medium Hostel for the 2018 Hoscars, Goodmorning Lisbon is the place to socialize with like-minded travellers who want to enjoy Lisbon’s seriously cool vibes. The hostel is known for activities like its epic bike rides to Belém, walking tours to Sintra and fiery cooking classes. If all of that still hasn’t convinced you, I have 3 words for you: FREE NUTELLA WAFFLES!

Best hostels in Portugal - Goodmorning Lisbon

Goodmorning Lisbon lounge

? Address: Praça dos Restauradores, 65

? Coolest features: Free breakfast, tours organised by the hostel, cooking classes, social atmosphere

? Prices: from €14.90 / £13.14

? Book Goodmorning Lisbon

Sintra: Nice Way Sintra

Located in a majestic, renovated palace in the heart of Sintra. Nice Way Sintra has a garden that we are sure will be your favourite corner of the city. With amazing views stretching over the Sintra Mountains, free breakfast and on-hand helpful staff, the hostel is a perfect starting point to get to know the region.

Best hostels in portugal - Nice Way Sintra

Nice Way Sintra bedroom

? Address: Rua Sotto Mayor, 22

? Coolest features: Garden area, rooms with views of the mountains, free breakfast

? Prices: from €15.40 / £13.59

? Book Nice Way Sintra

Estoril: Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites

If you’re travelling along the Estoril coast, then the Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites is a mandatory stop. Your heart will melt over the palette of pastel colours, the bohemian outdoor terraces and the lush botanical gardens.

Best hostels in Portugal - Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites

Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites bedroom

? Address: Av Marginal, 6538

? Coolest features: Terrace, garden area, indoor and outdoor bar, free breakfast, beach sport services

? Prices: from  €13.00 / £11.47

? Book Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites here

Islands – Açores e Madeira

Funchal: Phil’s Haven

Funchal has become the best starting point to get to know the Madeira Island. Check in to the cozy Phil’s Haven, which is just five minutes from the old town and has a huge garden to enjoy the sun-filled days.

Best hostels in Portugal - Phil’s Haven

? Address: Rua do Lazareto, 148

? Coolest features: Free breakfast, central location, garden area

? Prices: from €11.00 / £9.70

? Book Phil’s Haven here

Açores: My Angra Boutique Hostel

Here at My Angra Boutique Hostel, history meets design in an incredible 19th century house, rebuilt to have all the 21st century comforts. For those who want a fresh, al fresco breakfast surrounded by the aromatic scent of herbs and fruit trees, then head to the courtyard. Located in the Terceira Islands, part of the Açores archipelago and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, My Angra will make it very hard to leave.

Best hostels in Portugal - My Angra Boutique Hostel

My Angra Boutique Hostel dining room

? Address: Rua de São Pedro, 168

? Coolest features: Free breakfast, central location, beautiful design

? Prices: from  €14.00 / £12.35

? Book My Angra Boutique Hostel here


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