April 17, 2024

Check in to our Virtual Hostel

What a time to be travelling! Never before has it been so easy to walk the Great Wall of China before breakfast and have a lazy stroll around the Louvre before lunch. Yep, our days do revolve around meals – don’t yours?! All that online travelling deserves an awesome place to kick-back and share your adventures with other backpackers. Come hang-out with travellers around the world, in our new online home, at Virtually a Hostel.

Like you, we’d rather be out there exploring the world IRL and we will (oh yes, we will!), but while we’ve had our travellers’ wings clipped, we’ve been busy building an online community. It’s called Virtually a Hostel, and within this world, there are five independent hostels. We all know that real hostels each have a personality, and through a little searching on Hostelworld, you pick the hostel that’s perfect for the next leg of your adventure.

Each hostel has a chat room, where you can enter and instantly step into a world, you’re probably quite familiar with – the hostel’s common room. Even if you haven’t yet stayed in a hostel, you are more than welcome to join this experience as a steppingstone into hostel life.

We haven’t told you the best bit yet! Each hostel is hosting events relevant to their theme and even more brilliant, is that real-life hostel owners and their teams are hosting these events. Have a peek at the events calendar and you’ll find cooking classes from around the world, photography workshops, language lessons, yoga classes and more.

It’s time to pick the right online hostel to kick off your virtual adventure:


virtually a hostel -women with a megaphone

Hostel Speak-easy

Step inside for some global chat. It’s virtually the best place in the world to meet travellers. And even if you understand no one, just smile and nod your head – works every time!


virtually a hostel - women with facemasks and cucumbers on eyes

The Holistic Hostel

Can you hear the wind charms tinkling in the breeze? Bring an Iced Lavender Latte and your imagination for zen vibes and holistic chatter. Your guru could be inside.

virtually a hostel - man making food

The Communal Kitchen

Want to virtually eat the world? Step away from the fridge and into this hostel for good hearty food talk and snack-related chats. Foodies and 7/11 toastie munchers welcome, no judgement here!

virtually a hostel - man making a cocktail

Bar Crawlers Party Hostel

It’s happy hour somewhere, right? Shots! Shots! Shots! We’re making it sound wild, whether it is or not, depends on your roomies. Drink responsibly and remember, whatever goes online, stays online!

virtually a hostel - women painting a picture

Gallery Hostel

A creative corner for virtual explorers. We encourage poetry readings and unveilings of never-seen-before masterpieces but failing that, just bring your best self for some arty conversation.



So, are you ready for real hostels hosting real events with real backpackers? Come on this adventure with us and check in to Virtually a Hostel now.

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