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The Backpacker From Brazil

When I started thinking about going to Europe, my family turned my idea down quickly. Travelling to Ireland, alone, with 800 euros only and the ticket back booked to three months after my arrival? Crazy.” You’ll be exploited, robbed, live with ‘rootless’ people, and you’ll end up coming back knowing how experienced we are”. I... Read More »


Conitnued… 1 of 2 We took a bungalow with separate rooms at Paradise Beach Resort for 50 ringgits (US$13). I had a fan and private bath. I showered and went to Mamas Place for a good $1.50 noodle dinner. As I curled into bed that night, I wondered… It has taken me five full days... Read More »


This was my third courier flight with Jupiter Air. I arrived at Los Angeles Airport to meet the Jupiter representative as directed. He was right on schedule, gave me my ticket to Bangkok via Tokyo, and I was on my way. I had made advance arrangements for my first nights hotel and taxi pickup through... Read More »


The Road Where Things Go Backwards (No it’s not a bad Irish joke) ‘Have you been to the road where things go backwards?’ asked Eilish, as I sat having breakfast in the Carlow hostel. ‘The what?’ I replied. ‘The road where things go backwards. It’s up near Dundalk. Daddy took some Americans there last year.... Read More »

Australia Day in Shanghai

Australia Day is a national celebration characterized by barbecues and beer. Looking back on my childhood I always loved this holiday, and what kid wouldnt? Australia Day is an extra day off school, a colourful procession down the main street of your town, and then a huge meal with all your mates. On January 26th... Read More »

A Travelers Journey- Lessons Learned Abroad Vol 1

The first night of my three month backpacking trip to Europe found me in the basement club at St. Christopher’s Village Inn Hostel with my new Canadian friend Jason. The drink special was £1.50 Corona longnecks. Now, I’ve got nothing against Corona, I mean, it’s not the best tasting beer, just put a lime in... Read More »


Reading the story :- The Ruined Trip to Rome by Allison Herbon in your Travel stories, brought back bad memories of my own trip in Italy in 1995. This story is just to show how unfeeling Italian Authorities can be towards tourist who does not understand their language!! I was travelling with my 2 young... Read More »

The Ruined Trip To Rome

From impossible transfers to breaking the language barriers, backpacking in Europe can build stress and heartache. While I backpacked for a month and the journey was exciting, whimsical, and amazing. But, only one problem haunts me today and I swore after it occured, I would inform future backpackers about the so called “Italian Transportation System”... Read More »

One Fans Visit to the Jameson Distillery in Dublin

I am a big fan of Jameson Irish Whiskey, such a fan in fact that I flew to Ireland just to visit the Jameson Distillery in Dublin. I flew into Dublin with my backpack slung over my shoulder and really no place to go, I had no maps ( I had forgot them) I had... Read More »

Huck Finns Abroad

Expat Teens Have No Regrets Expat teens are a new generation of teenagers who chose to escape from their everyday routines in their everyday lives by living someplace else. We’re not talking exchange students or temporary residents. We’re talking teens who packed their backpack, kissed their family and friends goodbye, burned their bridges, and never... Read More »

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